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How to improve the heat resistance of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber steam hose

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How to improve the heat resistance of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber steam hose

A large part of the bottle caps of medical caps are made of chlorinated butyl rubber. The caps of used medical caps can be recycled and processed into butyl chloride reclaimed rubber instead of chlorobutyl rubber. To reduce costs, steam hose is one of them. Improving the heat resistance of the butyl chloride compound can further increase the amount of butyl chloride reclaimed rubber and reduce the production cost of a larger proportion.

The most basic performance requirement of steam hose is that the hose has good heat resistance and steam resistance. The chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of chlorobutyl rubber, and has excellent air tightness and good resistance. Heat, water vapor resistance, reasonable adjustment of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber steam hose formula can further extend the service life of steam hose, as follows:

1. Use white carbon black

Commonly known as white carbon black is a general term for white powdered X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate, mainly referred to as precipitated silica, fumed silica, ultrafine silica gel and powdered synthetic silicic acid. Aluminum and calcium silicate, etc., are mainly used in the rubber industry to replace carbon black as a reinforcing agent in light-colored rubber products. However, silica itself is more resistant to high temperature than carbon black. Therefore, the use of an appropriate amount of silica instead of carbon black in the steam hose produced by butyl chloride reclaimed rubber can significantly improve the heat resistance of the steam hose.

The addition of a suitable amount of polycarboxymethyl phenolic resin to the butyl chloride reclaimed rubber steam hose formulation containing silica can improve the adhesion between the filler and the polymer.

2. Choose a suitable vulcanization system

Usually, the butyl chloride reclaimed rubber is used in the production of steam hose. The white carbon black is selected as the reinforcing agent in the formulation. The accelerator NA-22 is better volatilized with the thiura accelerator and the thiazole accelerator, but in practice. In the production process, the promoter NA-22 itself has water solubility, which is very unfavorable for steam vulcanization. Therefore, the compounding agent in the vulcanization system is more suitable for the thiuram-thiazole accelerator combined system. If carbon black is used as a reinforcing agent in the butyl chloride reclaimed rubber steam hose formulation, the conversion of zinc oxide to lead oxide in the formulation can also improve the steam resistance and heat resistance of the rubber compound. 22. Promoter DM.

Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber has better vulcanization performance than butyl rubber and lower price than chlorobutyl rubber. It can reduce the production cost by using steam hose, and can improve the vulcanization process performance, improve vulcanization safety and vulcanization. effectiveness. Reasonable adjustment of the steam hose formulation produced by chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber can further improve the heat resistance and water vapor resistance of the steam hose, improve the comprehensive index of the rubber compound and prolong the service life.