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No migration of tire rubber to solve the yellowing problem of hose skin

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Customer Name: Hengshui a rubber and plastics processing plant

Encountered a problem: white handwriting was yellowed when a white hose was applied to the outer hose of the tire reclaimed rubber as the main raw material.

Details of the problem: The tire reclaimed rubber processed from waste tire rubber powder has a wide range of raw materials and low product prices. It is used by many rubber manufacturers to reduce costs. Ordinary hose manufacturers are no exception. Hengshui customers decided to use tire reclaimed rubber in the outer rubber of a common hose. The indexes of the hose samples produced after the test fully met the demand. However, when the white typewriting such as the brand and specification of the hose is sprayed, the white writing and the surrounding area begin to yellow, and the formula adjustment still cannot solve the problem.

Analysis of the problem: The main reason for the yellowing of the white writing on the outer layer of the rubber is the migration problem of the black tire reclaimed rubber itself or the migration caused by the rubber oil in the formulation; and the migration of the tire reclaimed rubber during the production and processing. The reason is mainly on the rubber oil used in the production. If the tire reclaimed rubber uses the highly polluting and easy-to-migrate rubber oil in the “regeneration process”, the writing on the tire reclaimed rubber hose will appear yellowish. problem.

Solution: Hongyun Class A ultra-fine non-migrating tire reclaimed rubber is a fine ion tire reclaimed rubber processed by 80 mesh 900 waste tire rubber powder through magnetic separation, desulfurization, filtration and refining. It is used in the production process. It is a non-polluting and non-migrating environment-friendly rubber oil, which is basically used in the production of rubber products without the problem of discoloration migration. Hengshui customers replaced the rubber used in the hose jacket with this kind of reclaimed rubber under the recommendation of the Hongyun technicians. The outer rubber of the hose produced will not be yellowed after the handwriting.

Do not migrate the reclaimed rubber discriminating method: Many reclaimed rubbers on the market are called environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber, and do not migrate reclaimed rubber. So how do you judge whether the reclaimed rubber has migrated? In fact, it is very simple. Rubber products manufacturers ask for some samples from the reclaimed rubber factory (Hongyun Recycled Rubber Factory can generally provide customers with samples of about 1-2 kg for free), spray white paint on the samples, and park for 24-48 hours. Easily judge the migration of reclaimed rubber.

Xiaobian has something to say: the use of tire reclaimed rubber to produce ordinary hose skin, yellowing problem after spraying white handwriting, the migration of reclaimed rubber is only one of the factors, if the hose skin rubber used in the preparation process is easy to migrate rubber oil This phenomenon will also occur, so rubber manufacturers must design rubber oil when designing the outer rubber compound of tire reclaimed rubber.