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Butyl reclaimed rubber production project with self adhesive tape

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Case Background: Currently, butyl self-adhesive seals on the market are favored in water-stopping materials. Among them, a butyl self-adhesive seal produced by Hebei Rubber Products Co., Ltd. using butyl regenerated rubber instead of butyl rubber has good airtightness. , weathering, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, is a very cost-effective butyl self-adhesive seal.

Scope of application: Water conservancy and hydropower projects and various types of industrial civil construction projects, such as underground facilities, tunnels, water supply and drainage works, culverts and treatment tanks, sedimentation tanks, water supply and drainage pipelines, etc. The ambient temperature is not more than 80 degrees Celsius.

Demand analysis: The role of the butyl self-adhesive sealer is waterproofing. Therefore, the production of butyl-consultant butyl regenerated rubber as a sealant must have good waterproof performance; whether in the cold winter or hot summer, butyl self-adhesion The sealing strips need to work normally. In order to avoid that the butyl sealing strip does not melt at high temperature and does not crack in winter, the sealing strip material itself must have strong self-adhesion and weather resistance, otherwise, the following cannot be used normally so as to affect the entire project; This product is mostly used for waterproof and impervious between construction joints, so it must be able to withstand a certain amount of bending and pressure, and it also needs to adapt to interface deformation and cracking; in order to ensure the safety of the entire project, production of butyl self-adhesive seal regeneration Rubber raw materials also need to have excellent anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, and ensure the service life of butyl self-adhesive seals.

Choice of products: Hongyun filtration butyl reclaimed rubber, raw materials for more than 900 waste butyl inner tube, containing 40% of the plastic.

Reason for selection: The butyl self-adhesive seal material is mostly butyl rubber, but the butyl rubber price is high, and high-priced rubber products are difficult to open the market in the fierce market competition, especially at the beginning of the establishment of this customer. Manufacturers, at this time choose the right butyl reclaimed rubber to produce a cost-effective reclaimed rubber easier to enter the market; Hongyun 40% filtration butyl reclaimed rubber high strength, good elasticity, for a variety of pressure and interface deformation has good resistance In addition, the product's air tightness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance, can be said to have good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability, can guarantee long-term butyl self-adhesive seal Maintain good waterproof and impervious properties.

Experience summary: Hebei customers use Hongyun Butyl reclaimed adhesive to produce self-adhesive sealing strips to improve product quality, reduce raw material costs, and increase orders significantly. However, the customer did not use Refurbished butyl reclaimed adhesive exclusively. Instead, it added an appropriate amount of butyl styrene to the butyl self-adhesive seal formulation of the engineering customer to reduce raw material costs while satisfying customer requirements.