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Hongyun 45% butyl reclaimed rubber production curing capsules

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Hongyun 45% butyl reclaimed rubber production curing capsules

Customer address: A rubber processing factory in Weifang, Shandong

Product use: Hongyun 45% butyl reclaimed rubber

Production products: tire curing capsules

Case Description: A rubber processing factory in Weifang, Shandong Province, mainly produces various types of tire vulcanizing capsules, water tires and other rubber products, of which, the customer to Hongyun 45% high-strength butyl regenerated rubber tire curing capsules, not only solved before the production Among the problems that exist, the most important is to significantly reduce the cost of raw materials and greatly increase the competitiveness of the market.

Encountered problems: The cost of using pure butyl rubber to produce vulcanized capsules is too high, but vulcanizing bladders produced from the butyl reclaimed rubber being used are prone to air bubbles on the surface during production, and the product index is low. According to customer feedback, The vulcanization capsules of the material can cause problems with the decrease in tire yield.

Reason for selection: compared with butyl rubber, Hongyun butyl reclaimed rubber has a much lower price, which can reduce the cost of raw materials; Hongyun 45% butyl reclaimed rubber is made by Germany's infrared desulphurization, and is processed by international reductive rubber molecular new technology. Better airtightness, heat resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and other properties, so the production performance and service life of the production of vulcanizate capsules have been significantly improved; For the previous production of butyl vulcanizing capsule bubble problem in the Hongyun engineer's recommendations Under the fine-tuning of the formulation of rubber products, this problem has also been solved.

Experience summary: Low-priced butyl reclaimed rubber can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials for producing rubber products. However, if low-priced raw materials are chosen to reduce costs, which will affect the quality of rubber products, it will be worth the candle. For example, the quality of the butyl regenerated rubber used in the production of vulcanizing capsules by the customer at the very beginning of using butyl reclaimed rubber failed to meet the requirements of the customer. Therefore, when choosing butyl reclaimed rubber later, the final results At the suggestion of the engineer, the high index of 45% butyl reclaimed rubber was selected, and good economic benefits were achieved. The lower price of reclaimed rubber can indeed reduce the cost of raw materials for rubber products. However, if the quality of rubber products is abandoned due to cost, it can be a small loss.

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