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Acid and alkali conveyor belt mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber

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Acid and alkali conveyor belt mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber

Customer Name: Shandong Tape Co., Ltd.

Use product: high strength butyl reclaimed rubber

Production of products: acid and alkali conveyor belt

Application: butyl rubber + butyl reclaimed rubber (do not use high)

Case background: Shandong Customer Tape Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various types of ordinary conveyor belts, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts, cold resistant conveyor belts, oil resistant conveyor belts, flame retardant conveyor belts, food conveyor belts, etc. The main rubber material for conveyor belts is butyl rubber; however, the price of butyl rubber on the market is relatively high. The latest data indicates that the average price of butyl rubber in January-October this year was 17,222 yuan / ton, and soared to 19,200 in June. Yuan/ton, this undoubtedly brings great concern to the cost control of rubber products manufacturers with butyl rubber as the main raw material.

Product introduction: The acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt is in contact with acid and alkali for a long time. It is mainly used to transport acid and alkaline materials and corrosive materials such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. It has high requirements on acid and alkali resistance of the rubber compounds used; Neoprene or butyl rubber is commonly used in conveyor belts. Butyl rubber is low in price and excellent in chemical corrosion resistance. It is the main rubber raw material for producing acid-resistant conveyor belts.

Reasons for selection: From the performance point of view, butyl reclaimed rubber is a new type of rubber raw material that has been used in the processing of waste butyl inner tube. It retains most of the molecular structure and performance characteristics of butyl rubber, and is airtight and heat resistant. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance. It can replace some butyl rubber to produce acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt to ensure good performance and longevity. From the price point of view, the lowest price of butyl reclaimed rubber this year is 15,200 yuan / ton. The price of base reclaimed rubber is 5,500-7,500 yuan / ton, and the price of high-capacity and high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber is less than half of the lowest price of butyl rubber. Therefore, butyl reclaimed rubber is blended in the acid-resistant conveyor belt. The raw material cost can be appropriately reduced.

Indicator demand: When using butyl reclaimed rubber in acid and alkali conveyor belt, in order to ensure good wear resistance, impact resistance and acid and alkali resistance of butyl conveyor belt, choose the brand waste butyl inner tube as raw material. Butyl reclaimed rubber can provide a better guarantee for the quality of acid and alkali conveyor belts. Fortune high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber has a glue content of about 45%. It has high strength, good fineness, no impurities and chemical corrosion resistance. It can also improve the plasticity and fluidity of the rubber compound in the acid-base conveyor belt. Reduce production energy consumption.

Use effect: The customer has used a small amount of high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber in the rubber conveyor belt formula produced by pure butyl rubber, which reduces the raw material cost by about 15%, the acid-base conveyor belt is qualified, and the mass production is put into the market. After a period of time, the user feedback is good and the economic benefits are significantly improved.

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