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Butyl rubber tire is blended with butyl reclaimed rubber to extend service life

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Butyl rubber tire is blended with butyl reclaimed rubber to extend service life

Customer Name: Zhejiang Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Select product: Fortune 45% butyl reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: butyl water tire inner layer glue

Use: use with butyl rubber

Encounter problems: Zhejiang Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been committed to research and development of various water tires to improve the performance and service life of the water tires. The production cost of the water tire products processed by the customer from butyl rubber is high. The aging problem is easy to occur during use; the mechanical strength of the water tire product after the appropriate increase in the amount of rubber filler is decreased again, and the service life is shortened; therefore, a new type is required which is lower in price than the original rubber, and has better mechanical strength and anti-aging performance than rubber filler. raw material.

Case study: From the cost point of view, the addition of rubber filler in the inner layer of butyl water tire can reduce the cost of raw materials, but it is undoubtedly worse than the aging performance and service life of butyl water tires, looking for a price in butyl rubber. Underneath, the raw material with the performance above the rubber filler is the most ideal. The new low-cost rubber raw material of the butyl rubber, which is replaced by the butyl rubber inner tube, is naturally taken into consideration.

Case process: Zhejiang Taizhou customers have been researched by many parties, targeting several reclaimed rubber manufacturers in Zhejiang and Hengshui Rubber City. Fortune is one of them. Xiaobian learned that after the communication between the engineer of a rubber products company in Zhejiang and the Hongyun engineer, five pieces of 45% butyl reclaimed rubber and 40% butyl reclaimed rubber were ordered for trial.

After the trial, the average amount of butyl water tires produced by blending 10% of the high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber (45% butyl reclaimed rubber) in the inner layer rubber is 30% higher than that of the pure butyl rubber tires. The aging time was significantly prolonged; the results of other manufacturers' butyl reclaimed rubber and Fortune 40% butyl reclaimed rubber were not satisfactory. Among them, 40% butyl reclaimed rubber could meet the demand, but the aging phenomenon could not be improved, so the customer decided We are looking for a far-reaching, low-low, and choose to use 45% butyl reclaimed rubber.

Case summary: The butyl reclaimed rubber processed from waste butyl inner tube is good in air tightness, water tightness, heat resistance, aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Compared with butyl rubber, the mixing process performance is better. The size of the butyl rubber compound produced is more stable, which is very favorable for the quality of the finished product; however, the quality and price of the butyl reclaimed rubber product on the market are quite different, and the rubber product manufacturer mixes the butyl water tire with the inner rubber. When reclaiming rubber is used, it is necessary to choose the product that is most beneficial to the quality of the rubber compound. Do not lose quality due to cost, and cut off the lifeline that supports the survival and development of the enterprise.

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