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Optimize the bicycle inner tube formula and increase the amount of butyl reclaimed rubber

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优化自行车内胎配方 增加丁基再生胶用量

Customer Name: Zhejiang Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Products used: Hongyun butyl reclaimed rubber bicycle inner tube

Case background: A rubber and plastic products factory in Zhejiang specializes in producing all kinds of tire rubber products. The bicycle inner tube series products are processed with butyl rubber as the main raw material. At present, the market price is higher than other peers, and the sales volume is gradually declining. The study decided to incorporate an appropriate amount of butyl reclaimed rubber into the bicycle butyl inner tube but new problems have arisen.

Encounter problems: After the bicycle butyl inner tube is mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber, the strength of the inner tube joint is not enough, and the butyl reclaimed rubber itself is too small (about 10%). In summary, it is “the cost has not dropped much, and the quality has been lost”. The two expected effects of quality and cost have not been achieved. Does it mean that butyl reclaimed rubber cannot be blended in bicycle inner tubes?

Feasibility analysis: Many large tire manufacturers now use a small amount of reclaimed rubber in the production of automobile inner tubes. The dosage is between 5% and 15%. The inner tube of the tires meets the relevant testing standards; the bicycle inner tube is the tire. One type, the physical and mechanical performance indicators are much lower than the inner tube of the car, so it is completely feasible to mix the reclaimed rubber; the customer can improve the blending ratio of the butyl reclaimed rubber and improve the proportion by changing the inner tube production formula and replacing the compounding agent. Mechanical strength at the inner tube joint of the bicycle.

Solution: Through continuous trials, the customer finally determined the production formula of bicycle inner tube containing dowry reclaimed rubber. The ratio of butyl rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber was 3:4, and the curing system, reinforcing system and softening were adjusted. The amount of various compounding agents in the system, and replace the existing tackifier.

Case summary: The customer's production cost is significantly reduced after a large amount of butyl reclaimed rubber is mixed in the bicycle inner tube. After the inner tube formula is optimized, the physical properties of the inner tube product meet the national standard, and the strength of the inner tube joint is obviously improved after the tackifier is replaced. Xiaobian later learned that the customer’s bicycle inner tube, which was produced using the butyl reclaimed rubber and butyl rubber and glued, was highly praised by new and old customers, and the butyl reclaimed rubber was used in the export bicycle inner tube. Better economic benefits.