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Butyl Inner Tubes Using Filter Butyl Reclaimed Rubber

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Butyl Inner Tubes Using Filter Butyl Reclaimed Rubber

Overview of the case: A butyl inner tube manufacturer added chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber to the inner tire formulation to achieve the goal of cost reduction.

Customer Address: Jiaozuo, Henan

Demand for cases: The inner tube products added with FTNS butyl rubber must comply with the relevant national standards and meet the user's requirements for performance and service life (specific specifications of products should not be stated by the customer).

Application: Hongy filtration butyl reclaimed rubber + butyl rubber (a small amount) + Hongyun EPDM rubber reclaimed rubber (a very small amount)

Initial contact: At the end of August 2016, the customer first came to Hongyun Hengshui Hengshui Sales Headquarters. The purpose was to seek a suitable butyl reclaimed rubber instead of butyl rubber to produce inner tube products, so that the cost could be lowered to lower the product price. Increase market sales. But in his narrative, our sales staff heard a "tangled" feeling. Originally, like many customers who are planning to use reclaimed rubber for the first time, they want to reduce the cost of raw materials and fear that the quality of the inner tube products containing butyl regenerated rubber will be degraded and the old customers will be lost. We hope to use the best butyl reclaimed rubber tested here. test. It happened that our engineers arrived at this time. After carefully inquiring about the various requirements of the customer's products, he recommended it to the company and made a butyl regenerated rubber inner tube formula that meets the customer's needs.

Recommended reason: The customer's butyl inner tube product needs are not particularly high, tensile strength of 8Mpa, elongation at break of about 490% of the filter can be used to meet the demand, so there is no need to use The price is about 1,000 yuan higher than the high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber; In order to further improve the quality of butyl inner tube products, the engineer suggested that they add some butyl rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber in the butyl reclaimed rubber inner tube formula, for detailed reasons and The amount of use may wish to look at the site of the reclaimed rubber encyclopedia, "the amount of reclaimed rubber in butyl inner tube" and "butyl and EPDM to improve the performance of the inner tube" two articles.

Use effect: The butyl inner tire carcass produced by Refurbishment butyl reclaimed rubber as the main raw material has good self-closing performance, high airtightness, and is not easy to leak, and the product is improved in aging resistance, and the product is obviously improved. The performance and service life are inseparable from the very small amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber in the formulation.

Case summary: In the follow-up contact, we can feel the customer's joy in finding suitable butyl reclaimed rubber raw materials from the phone. In the words of the customer, “Originally, 'fish and bear' are It can be both."

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