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Chlorinated butyl regenerated rubber filled packing production butyl seal putty

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Chlorinated butyl regenerated rubber filled packing production butyl seal putty

Customer Name: Hengshui Sealing Products Manufacturer

Product use: chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber

Product use: Replace part of butyl rubber with a large number of fillers to produce butyl seal putty

Case Background: Hengshui Sealing Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells various sealing tapes, sealing tapes, sealants, and sealing tapes for sealing materials, among which butyl rubber and butyl regenerated rubber are used as main raw materials, and a large amount of filling is used. The butyl seal putty made of a mixture of an agent, an appropriate amount of an antioxidant, a softening agent and the like is one of its main products because of its simple process, low cost, and high sales volume. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life and aesthetics, the demand for light-colored seal putty is getting higher and higher. In order to adapt to market trends, the manufacturer decided to use Fortune grey chlorinated reclaimed rubber instead of black butyl. The glue is used in the production of butyl seal putty.

Reason for selection: The butyl reclaimed rubber on the market is mostly butyl inner tube reclaimed rubber. This kind of IIR reclaimed rubber is almost all black products. After visiting several local and foreign reclaimed rubber factories, the decision was made to use the chlorine of Hongyun. Butyl reclaimed rubber products. The reasons for selection are as follows: 1 The product is composed of medical butyl stopper as the main raw material and is classified in rough crushing, thin pass primary regeneration, softening, refining, desulfurization, regenerative softening, hot-melt filter and refining. About %; 2 Fortune chlorinated butyl is a gray solid block, light in color; 3 Fortune chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber products are lower in price than butyl tube reclaimed rubber, which can further reduce raw material costs.

Usage: domestic butyl rubber + chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber + a large number of inorganic filler + tackifying resin + softening oil + anti-aging agent + a small amount of high wear-resistant carbon black, according to customer needs processed in different shapes, different specifications of light-colored seal The proportions of putty, butyl seal putty butyl rubber, chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber and inorganic fillers can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The amount of inorganic filler is basically more than five times the total amount of rubber compound.

Usage effect: The seal putty produced after adding light gray chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber to butyl seal putty does not appear cracked, cracked, dissolved or exfoliated, and no further evolution or change occurs after contact with other materials. The black problem, butyl seal putty has good non-dryness, self-adhesion, sealing, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, but also to a certain extent, improve the heat resistance of the butyl seal putty, the aging test can be long The time will remain unchanged.

Economic Benefits: Aristocracy chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber is lower in price than other butyl or butyl inner tube reclaimed rubber and can reduce part of the raw material cost. Compared with the use of black butyl reclaimed rubber to produce light-colored seal putties, the cost of color matching is more Low; the customer chose Hengshui local reclaimed rubber factory as a partner to save on transportation costs; therefore, the customer opened a new market after using chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber to produce a light-colored butyl seal putty, which increased by 30%. The above economic benefits.

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