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Butyl reclaimed rubber production medical stopper

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Customer Profile: Shengzhou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production of rubber stoppers for many years. Its business scope covers butyl rubber stoppers, glass stoppers, infusion stoppers, etc. The rubber stoppers produced by them are their main products. The market sales have been good. . However, with changes in national policies and fluctuations in the prices of rubber raw materials, the road to producing rubber stoppers has been bumpy.

Case Background: 1. Since 2004, the state has banned the use of ordinary natural rubber to produce bottle cap stoppers. All medical bottle cap stoppers need to be produced using butyl rubber. The customer used butyl rubber to produce medical stoppers at the very beginning. The quality of the products was good, but the cost was not good. Under the circumstance that butyl rubber was soaring, it was too heavy to pay. Can be used instead of butyl rubber to produce stoppers to reduce raw material costs;

2. When the customer used butyl reclaimed rubber instead of part of the original rubber to produce cork stoppers, difficulties were encountered when adjusting the formulation, the vulcanization system was unreasonable, or the proportion of the butyl reclaimed rubber was incorrectly mixed, or the stability of the stopper was Bad, pits on the surface, etc., in short, not product quality failure or cost reduction is too little;

3, butyl regenerated rubber product quality instability led to butyl rubber stopper formula need to be adjusted at any time.

A rubber product company in Quzhou used the high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber for producing medical stoppers from the previous year to solve various problems in the production process of medical cork stoppers: Hongyun High-strength butyl reclaimed rubber products contained 45% of plastic. Tensile strength average 9.2Mpa, elongation at break 520%, hardness 60 degrees, product tightness, heat resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, shock absorption, electrical insulation properties, high strength, feel elasticity Good, environmentally friendly, non-flavored, replaceable butyl rubber production butyl stopper can significantly reduce raw material costs.

Butyl regenerated rubber cork features: non-toxic, odorless, no pollution, strong airtightness, good chemical stability, good biological properties, heat resistance, aging resistance, good elasticity, strong toughness, good sealing effect, can prevent the drug in the bottle and Exposure to the external environment causes pollution, turbidity, and other phenomena, which can maintain the same performance in highly active drugs. Therefore, the use of butyl butyl regenerated rubber stopper products in the market is increasingly popular.

Summary of case: After using the high-strength butyl reclaimed rubber two years ago, the problem encountered by the customer was solved: The price of the butyl reclaimed rubber product from Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory is much lower than that of butyl rubber and can be reduced by 20 More than % of the raw material cost, the quality of butyl reclaimed rubber produced by Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory is very stable, and the supply of goods is adequate. There are also professional rubber technical engineers who can design formulas and optimize formulas for free, and do not have to worry about product quality stability and formula adjustment. .

Talking about experience: Reclaimed rubber is used as rubber raw material for the recovery and reprocessing of waste rubber products. Changes in the raw materials of used rubber products will cause fluctuations in the quality of reclaimed rubber. Therefore, when rubber manufacturers choose reclaimed rubber, they must choose quality and regular reclaimed rubber. In order to avoid the normal production of reclaimed rubber products due to changes in the quality of reclaimed rubber, the phenomenon of out-of-stock and out-of-stock occurs.