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Butyl reclaimed rubber used in butyl sound insulation

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Butyl reclaimed rubber used in butyl sound insulation

Customer Name: Guangdong Polymer Material Co., Ltd.

Products used: odorless butyl reclaimed rubber

Use occasions: various sound insulation materials such as soundproof film, etc.

Use: Mix in butyl rubber

Case Description: Guangdong Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing soundproof materials of various materials. Since 2015, it has changed its research and development direction, and is committed to creating healthy and safe low-cost soundproof materials for customers. The use of appropriate amount of good luck odorless butyl reclaimed rubber, to achieve the purpose of reducing raw material costs, creating low-cost and safe butyl rubber sound insulation materials, and achieved good economic benefits.

Performance requirements: The sound-insulating material has high requirements on the receiving vibration and impact energy of the rubber used. The use environment is not easily affected by external environment and temperature. Butyl rubber is an ideal sound-insulating material; the waste butyl inner tube is processed as raw material. The price of butyl reclaimed rubber is lower than that of butyl rubber. It has less double bond content, good air tightness, high vibration attenuation rate, strong impact resistance, sound insulation and sound absorption effect, heat resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance. It has good corrosion resistance and good self-adhesiveness. It can not only maintain good sound insulation effect for a long time, but also reduce the cost of rubber compound.

Reason for selection: Fortune odorless butyl reclaimed rubber is made from famous brand butyl Taiwan inner tube. It has higher butyl content than miscellaneous butyl inner tube. In the production process, about 5% butyl rubber is added, and German far infrared desulfurization is used. The butyl reclaimed rubber treated with the internationally-reduced rubber molecular technology can replace more parts of butyl rubber and reduce the production cost of butyl sound-insulating materials.

Case summary: At present, many sound-proof materials on the market are made of asphalt or polymer materials. The harm of asphalt sound-insulating materials to human health is no longer emphasized. I believe everyone is clear and compounded with polymer materials. The sound-insulating material has a strong smooth feel, but the material is more sticky due to the addition of glue during the processing; the butyl-insulating material produced by the high-purity butyl rubber is not so "bright" in appearance, but the texture is better and sticky. Good sex and no sticky hands, so sound absorption and sound insulation is better. The performance of high-quality butyl reclaimed rubber is basically the same as that of butyl rubber. Instead of butyl rubber, it can produce safe and healthy new low-cost sound-insulating materials with higher cost performance.

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