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Butyl reclaimed rubber to produce rubber sheet

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Butyl reclaimed rubber to produce rubber sheet

Customer Name: Zhangzhou Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Select product: 45% odorless butyl reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: butyl rubber sheet

Application: butyl rubber + butyl reclaimed rubber

Reasons for selection: The requirements for butyl rubber sheets of customers in Zhangzhou are as follows, the specific gravity is 1.4, the tensile strength is 5 MPa, the elongation at break is 300%, and the hardness is between 50-60. The 45% odorless butyl reclaimed rubber index is as follows. The specific gravity is 1.15, the tensile strength is 7.6, the elongation at break is 480%, and the hardness is about 60. The indicators of 45% butyl reclaimed rubber can meet the specific needs of customers in Ganzhou. The fineness is about 80 mesh. It can be used in the production of butyl rubber sheet to ensure smooth and bright surface of the rubber sheet and no irritating odor during production and use.

Use effect: The customer uses a certain proportion of butyl reclaimed rubber in the butyl rubber sheet with butyl rubber as the main raw material (the specific blending ratio and formula are trade secrets, small series can not be leaked), the produced Ding The rubber sheet has good elasticity, good flexibility, wear resistance, tear resistance, cutting resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and can play a good effect of shock absorption and noise reduction during use, and is highly recommended by customers.

Summary of experience: The butyl reclaimed rubber produced by Hongyun Recycled Rubber Factory has three specifications. The customer has hesitated several times during the selection. The final use of 45% butyl reclaimed rubber is because the product is 55% butyl per ton. Recycled rubber should be lower. Compared with 40% butyl reclaimed rubber, it has higher gel content and better index. It can replace more proportion of butyl rubber and reduce raw material cost while ensuring the quality of butyl rubber sheet. Therefore, rubber products When choosing reclaimed rubber, enterprises must proceed from the actual situation, from the indicators, formula, cost and other aspects of reclaimed rubber and products, do not simply decide which kind of reclaimed rubber to use by price. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

At present, there is a problem: Fortune 45% butyl reclaimed rubber is a black block solid. At present, the customers in Cangzhou have used it in the production of butyl rubber sheets, although they have achieved high economic benefits, but the rubber sheets produced are limited in color. It is particularly large and can only be used to produce some black or dark rubber sheets. There are many practical problems in the production of light color and color plastic sheets, which need to be solved urgently.

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