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Production example of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber for heat-resistant sealing ring

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Production example of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber for heat-resistant sealing ring

Customer Name: Zhejiang Rubber and Plastic Seal Co., Ltd.

Products used: Hongyun Chlorinated Butyl Reclaimed Rubber

Use occasion: use with chlorobutyl rubber to produce heat-resistant sealing ring (mainly used in rubber vulcanization equipment)

Case overview: Zhejiang Rubber and Plastic Seals Co., Ltd. has developed and produced rubber seal products, plastic seals, rubber and plastic seal products of various materials for a long time, including sealing rings, sealing strips, sealing gaskets and so on. The use of Fortune Chlorobutyl Reclaimed Rubber and Chlorobutyl Raw Rubber together to produce heat-resistant sealing rings used in rubber vulcanization equipment significantly reduces the cost of raw materials by about 35% under the premise of ensuring quality, and has achieved good economic benefits.

Case introduction: Compared with natural rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber has better heat resistance, and the heat-resistant sealing ring used in the production of rubber vulcanization equipment can extend the service life of the sealing ring; compared with butyl rubber, chlorinated Butyl rubber has a faster vulcanization speed and can be co-vulcanized with other rubbers. The heat resistance of vulcanized rubber 2LLYY57 is better and the compression permanent deformation is smaller; it is suitable for the production of heat-resistant sealing rings used in rubber vulcanization equipment. However, the high price of chlorobutyl rubber has brought great cost pressure to the customer, so the customer turned his attention to chlorobutyl reclaimed rubber and learned about Hongyun reclaimed rubber through a certain channel.

Encountered problems: The customer encountered two problems when using chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber and chlorinated butyl gum to produce heat-resistant sealing rings. Self-adhesiveness is poor.

Solution: The customer extended the mixing time by 2 minutes, and the problem of high viscosity of chlorinated butyl gum Mooney was improved. At the same time, the customer used petroleum resin under the advice of Hongyun engineers, and increased the amount of softener in the formula from 4 parts to 6 parts. The processing performance of the rubber compound was improved. The heat resistance of the heat-resistant sealing ring is better when the rubber is used in combination.

Case summary: In the production of rubber products, recycled rubber can not only reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the performance of rubber processing technology. The customer stated that compared with pure chlorinated butyl rubber heat-resistant sealing rings, the reclaimed rubber and chlorinated butyl rubber are used in the process of rubber compounding, which consumes less power and has better vulcanization performance. Compression permanent deformation and aging resistance have been significantly improved.

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