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Anti-corrosion lining mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber to reduce costs

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Anti-corrosion lining mixed with butyl reclaimed rubber to reduce costs

Customer Name: Henan Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

Product selection: Fortune 45% butyl recycled rubber

Use occasion: used with butyl gum to produce rubber anti-corrosion lining

Facing the problem: A rubber and plastic technology company in Henan specializes in producing various anticorrosive linings and other anticorrosive equipment. The rubber anticorrosive lining made of butyl rubber as the main raw material has excellent chemical resistance and wear resistance. But butyl rubber lining faces two practical problems in the production process: ① The production cost of completely using butyl rubber is too high, weakening the market competitiveness of the product; ② The processing and construction process of butyl anticorrosive lining is not easy, such as adhesion.

Solution: Appropriate use of butyl reclaimed rubber to reduce costs and improve the processing technology and ease of construction of anticorrosive lining

Reasons for the scheme: butyl recycled rubber processed from waste butyl inner tubes as the main raw material retains the basic performance characteristics of butyl rubber, and has excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance and corrosion resistance; compared with butyl raw rubber, the price of butyl recycled rubber Low, good fluidity, high plasticity, fast vulcanization speed, and better adhesion performance; the combined use of butyl rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber to produce anti-corrosion lining can reduce raw material costs, improve rubber lining mixing process, vulcanization process and adhesion performance .

Fortune Advantage: The use of butyl reclaimed rubber in butyl rubber anti-corrosion lining can easily cause the problem of reduced mechanical strength of the anti-corrosion lining, which may affect the service life of the rubber anti-corrosion lining. Fortune 45% butyl reclaimed rubber is made from branded waste butyl inner tube as raw material. The product has high strength, good elasticity, fineness of more than 80 mesh, and the tensile strength of the rubber anti-corrosion lining produced in appropriate proportion with butyl rubber It can reach more than 6Mpa, the elongation at break is greater than 350%, the bonding strength is better, and it can be used for a long time in the environment of 120 ℃.

Use effect: From the performance point of view, after the Henan customers use the appropriate proportion of Hongyun butyl reclaimed rubber in the butyl rubber anticorrosive lining, the product has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and impact resistance, and aging resistance. During installation and use The applicability is stronger, and the average service life is improved; from the cost point of view, Hongyun 45% butyl reclaimed rubber is much cheaper than butyl rubber. The production of anticorrosive linings with original rubber reduces the average cost of raw materials by 19% and production by 5% Costs, product market competitiveness have improved, and economic benefits have improved significantly.

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