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Reduce the production cost of EPDM rubber hoses. EPDM reclaimed rubber is preferred.

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Reduce the production cost of EPDM rubber hoses. EPDM reclaimed rubber is preferred.

Customer Name: Xingtai A Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Use product: Hongyun imported EPDM reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: use EPDM rubber to produce EPDM rubber tube

Basic needs: The EPDM rubber tube produced by Xingtai Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. mainly works in the environment of minus 30 ° C to 120 ° C, the hardness of the product is about 70A, the tensile strength is above 8Mpa, and it has excellent high resistance. Low temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistance1JLYY726.

Material selection skills: In order to reduce raw material costs and production costs and improve market competitiveness, Xingtai customers decided to use the appropriate amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber in the EPDM rubber tube to replace the original rubber to reduce production costs. In combination with the basic performance requirements of the customer's EPDM hose, Fortune's technicians recommend the use of imported EPDM reclaimed rubber with 70% of the rubber. The tensile strength of the product is above 10Mpa, and it is resistant to high and low temperature and anti-aging. It is higher than the ordinary sealing strip made of EPDM reclaimed rubber.

Formulation adjustment: The EPDM rubber tube produced by Xingtai customers was originally based on DuPont 4640, and the relationship quality and cost was coordinated by adjusting the amount of low-cost filler. However, because a large amount of rubber filler will directly reduce the mechanical strength and temperature resistance of the rubber tube, Fortune engineers recommend reducing the amount of rubber filler, mainly based on EPDM reclaimed rubber, blending some DuPont 4640 ethylene-propylene rubber, 50% fortune Imported EPDM reclaimed rubber with 20% DuPont 4640 is most suitable for cost and quality.

In order to improve the heat resistance of the EPDM reclaimed rubber/original rubber and the rubber, the hose is appropriately increased in the production process, and the carbon black N550 is used in combination with the reinforcing black carbon to improve the heat resistance of the EPDM hose; Abandon the sulfur vulcanization system of the pure EPDM rubber hose formula and switch to the vulcanization system of peroxide and sulfur to further improve the temperature resistance of the EPDM hose while ensuring the good physical and mechanical properties of the hose.

The final result: Xingtai customers use the 3rd EPDM reclaimed rubber imported from Fortune and DuPont 4640 to produce the EPDM rubber tube with high industry standard of 7Mpa. In the process of use, it has good resilience, is not easy to break and deform, and can be bent at will. The use of the following is not easy to produce cracks, corrosion resistance and anti-aging test results to solve the pure EPDM rubber hose, fully meet the needs of users.

Economic Benefits: It is understood that the customer will import the EPDM reclaimed rubber and DuPont 4640 and use the EPDM hose produced by the company to reduce the production cost by about 35%, and the market competitiveness will be significantly improved. The number of manufacturers and distributors is increasing. At present, the customer has decided to add two more production lines to meet customer needs.

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