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Production of automotive muffler lifting lugs with environmentally friendly EPDM reclaimed rubber

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Customer Name: Hebei Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Use product: environmental EPDM reclaimed rubber

Application method: replace part of EPDM rubber to produce automobile muffler lifting lugs

Reason for selection: environmental protection, low price

Case Background: Hebei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. mainly produces various auto parts, including automobile bumper blocks, engine brackets, dust jackets and other special-shaped auto parts. The customer is committed to creating more cost-effective automotive rubber parts. The customer's car silencer lifting ear is made of EPDM rubber with high temperature resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 100-120 degrees Celsius with stable performance. The customer wants to provide customers with cost-effective muffler lifting lugs from raw materials.

Solve the problem: EPDM rubber has low density and can be filled with rubber oil and filler in a large amount. It can reduce the amount of rubber compound and alleviate the cost pressure caused by the high price of EPDM. However, the test shows that it is in EPDM rubber products. Filling a large amount of filler processing silencer lifting lugs will result in a decrease in gloss and low physical products. Hongyun Environmental Protection EPDM Recycled Adhesive is based on imported head rubber, with high glue content (about 70%) and good elasticity. , fineness (about 80 mesh), high temperature resistance, anti-aging, high insulation, ozone resistance, anti-erosion performance, replacing some EPDM rubber can reduce the material cost of muffler lifting lugs, and can also guarantee EPDM muffler The material of the lifting ear is unchanged; the product is non-toxic and tasteless, and can meet people's needs for environmental protection.

Use effect: It is understood that the new muffler lifting ear produced by EPDM and GDM reclaimed rubber has good elasticity, good adhesion, wear resistance, water vapor resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and chemical stability. It can quickly recover when reducing the noise caused by shock and vibration. The product price is low, the performance is good, and the service life is long.

Case Tracking: Fortune Environmental Protection EPDM Recycled Rubber is a black solid. It is very difficult to produce various light color muffler lifting lugs. Therefore, the customer can only produce a large number of black muffler lifting lugs using EPDM reclaimed rubber; To meet the needs of more users, the customer once again set their sights on the Fortune White Gray EPDM Recycled Adhesive. However, this product can only produce dark rubber products. There are still some restrictions on the color range. Both parties are looking for more. A good solution.