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Waterproof membrane customers recommend the use of Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber

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Waterproof membrane customers recommend the use of Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber

In daily life, if we encounter good things, whether it is food or food, we recommend it to our friends. This is a very common phenomenon. A few days ago, Hengshui Hongyun’s sales headquarters happened to have happened between two customers. The difference was that this happened between two customers who had never met each other. The use of Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce waterproofing membranes. The old customers came to the inspection of waterproof membrane manufacturers recommend new products being used. This is Xiaobian later heard.

The thing is this:

In the early morning of this day (not yet to work), Hongyun sales headquarters came to two customers, one is an old customer in Hengshui local production of waterproof material, this is not to order before the official completion of the Lunar New Year plan, by the way Consulting Engineer Several problems occurred in the production of waterproofing membranes; the other was the same manufacturer of waterproof membranes from Weifang, Shandong, who came to Rubber City to see if there was any suitable waterproof membrane material. During the wait, the two customers chatted.

Hengshui old customers: Hello, so early you are? You also come to order?

Weifang new customers: No, no, no. Hello, I am looking for raw materials, come from Shandong. I heard that Hengshui Rubber City did a lot of reclaimed rubber. We wanted to find the raw materials for waterproofing coils for our products. Looking at the products of Hongyun from the internet, we came first.

Hengshui old customers: Oh, oh, you are also making waterproof membranes? It turned out to be a colleague! I also do this, I have been ordering, this has ... probably more than two years now! Today, I came to order and asked a few small questions. Really, have you ever heard of Yang Yun of Hongyun? He was really awesome. I had a small problem in this production. I knew what was going on before I even finished talking, as if I were looking at my production.

Weifang new customers: Is it? This I did not hear, I only came from Shandong, I do not understand these. This Yang engineer is so strong? What about Hongyun's products, is it really as stable as online?

Hengshui old customers: Well, anyway, I spent so long, the quality of products has not changed, they have a wide range of products, inventory is also large, basically can mention the spot, they have a warehouse in the west, you can see Look. Hongyun is specializing in the production of various kinds of special reclaimed rubber, and the entire rubber city seems to have a number of products. The EPDM reclaimed rubber I use now is not bad.

Weifang new customers: Which kind of ah do you use?

Hengshui old customers: I use Yeah, is the good luck EPDM reclaimed rubber, the product itself is not high, the quality is not bad, the production of waterproof membrane strength is high, elasticity is also very good, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, products The waterproof effect is good, the service life is very long, you can also try! Samples are provided free of charge here, if you have any specific needs, say that the staff will recommend suitable products to you, Yang Gong can also formulate the appropriate formula for you, you can try a sample.

Weifang new customers: Really, it sounds good...

Hengshui old customers: Look and see. Their cars are coming. We don't have to wait. Hey, it's really cold outside.

After that, the two customers, like old friends, entered the Hongyun Headquarters with a laugh and laughter, and we thought that our sales staff were together! Finally, the old customers in Hengshui got a solution to the minor problems and took the goods directly; Weifang's new customers communicated with the engineers of Hongyun and obtained the tasteless EPDM reclaimed rubber (70%) and the Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber. (55% of the gel content) of the sample and the waterproof membrane formulation left; a few days later, a call from Shandong prepared to purchase a batch of Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber for mass production.

Xiao Bian has something to say: I say good, not necessarily really good, "Pharaoh sell melon" is also "self-promotion," but the customer said good, it is really good. Fortunately, the old customers often recommend our reclaimed rubber products. Similarly, Hongyun Company also seizes every opportunity to display the new and old customers' products in line with all the good ideas for the customers.

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