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EPDM reclaimed rubber door and window seals

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EPDM reclaimed rubber door and window seals

Customer Profile: Xingtai Qinghe Rubber Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of EPDM sealing strips for many years. From the design and production of door and window seals to the research and development of new products, we have a professional team and participate in the whole process; the door and window seals produced by this manufacturer Complete specifications, applicable to a variety of plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, doors and windows and other buildings, home doors and windows sealed; the price of the factory door and window seals in the market price in the mid-range, but the product quality is good, for customers It is a cost-effective choice, so the product sales have been very good.

Product use: Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber

Problems before using recycled rubber:

1. With the continuous increase of manufacturers of door and window sealing strips, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Many door and window sealing strip manufacturers have begun to choose cheap raw material production in order to win the competition, thereby reducing the market price; the same grade of door and window sealing strips The price cuts of the manufacturer's products caused the customer to lose its advantage in terms of price, and gradually lost some of its customers who had “price first”.

2, when the initial use of low-cost EPDM reclaimed rubber instead of ethylene-propylene rubber as a sample, found that the product has poor anti-aging properties, the effect of adding anti-aging agent is not particularly satisfactory, resulting in the use of EPDM door and window seals Life is greatly reduced.

3, EPDM reclaimed rubber door and window sealing strips appear cracks under strong light exposure, become soft and sticky at high temperatures, and affect the sealing effect of sealing strips. For example, in rainy season, it cannot prevent rain from entering the house.

4, there are bubbles in the EPDM seal sample, and some places are uneven.

According to the above problem of the customer, our technicians recommend the use of Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber, mainly because: The customer's products are mid-range products in the market, the raw material cost should not be too high; but the customer's product quality requirements are more stringent We hope to ensure product quality while reducing costs. Therefore, we use recycled EPDM rubber with relatively high quality and relatively low price.


1. The price of EPDM reclaimed rubber is much lower than that of EPDM rubber. The use of Hongyun EPDM rubber to replace part of the original glue to produce door and window seals reduces the raw material cost by about 25%; after the prices of door and window seals are lowered, There is also some room for profit, and the proportion of sales in the market has been raised again.

2. Hongyun EPDM sealing strip adopts imported EPDM rubber head and unvulcanized EPDM rubber as raw materials, adopts advanced technology, and retains over 90% of original rubber molecular chain and rubber chain structure. The aging resistance can be comparable to EPDM rubber, improving the short-lived defect of reclaimed rubber door and window seals.

3, Hongyun EPDM recycled rubber resistant to high and low temperature, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, produced by the EPDM door and window seal not only in the sun exposure of high temperature weather for a long time to maintain physical properties, but also to deal with the winter cold weather , To prevent the door and window seals become soft and sticky in the summer, brittle fracture in the winter to maintain a good sealing effect of doors and windows.

4, Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber has high strength and good elasticity. The produced door and window sealing strip has certain impact resistance and can withstand certain strong wind and strong pressure to keep warm.

5, Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber product fineness of about 60 mesh, no impurities inside the plastic block, to solve the door and window sealing strip surface roughness, gloss is not enough and so on.

The high-quality transport EPDM recycled rubber products are of good quality and can achieve the purpose of not lowering the quality of door and window weatherstrip products under reduced cost.

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