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EPDM recycled rubber produces odorless air tube

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EPDM recycled rubber produces odorless air tube

Case name: Xingtai customers use Hongyun tasteless EPDM reclaimed rubber production air tube

Product parameters: EPDM rubber reclaimed rubber content, 70%; tensile strength, 11.8Mpa; elongation at break, 450; hardness, 62 degrees.

Usage: Hongyunweitianwei EPDM reclaimed rubber + EPDM rubber (a small amount)

Case Study: Most of the air tubes on the market are produced using EPDM rubber. Compared with EPDM rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber possesses the properties of EPDM rubber, and in all cases it is recycled. In plastic products, its high and low temperature performance and anti-aging properties are obvious to all. The replacement of EPDM rubber can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, but the performance of all three EPDM reclaimed rubber air pipes is not very satisfactory. Therefore, Xingtai customers use EPDM reclaimed rubber and use EPDM rubber to produce air-conditioning tubes on the one hand in order to reduce costs, and the other purpose is to improve the quality of air tubes.

The odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber is the exclusive imported fine ion reclaimed rubber from Hongyun Company. The product contains good amount of glue and good elasticity. The produced air tube has good elasticity and anti-compression deformation; it is similar to ordinary EPDM reclaimed rubber. Than, better resistance to high and low temperature performance, the air tube can adapt to a wide range of temperatures to maintain good performance; this customer uses the fortune-resistant, weather resistance, and resistance of the air tube sample produced from the import of EPDM recycled rubber. Ozone and corrosion resistance can meet customer needs, long product life.

Customer Benefits: Xingtai's customers have improved their performance in the air pipes produced from the imported EPDM reclaimed rubber as the main raw material compared to the air pipes produced using other EPDM reclaimed rubber. The cost remains unchanged. Next, the market has been greatly opened up, and profits have risen significantly.

The customer has something to say: We have been using EPDM reclaimed rubber for air pipes for three to four years. We encountered a variety of reclaimed rubber manufacturers. Some manufacturers have unstable product quality. We are buying the next batch of three. When EPDM reclaims rubber, it is often necessary to adjust formulas, and some manufacturers exaggerate the facts, some manufacturers appear to be out of stock, etc. Therefore, when we first learned about reclaimed rubber, we not only tested the samples, Also went to the warehouse to read it again, according to our test results, Fortune given the product indicators are true, from this point we can see that this is an honest business, their single product inventory, do not worry about the lack of inventory , so we began to use long-term use of Fortune imports of EPDM reclaimed rubber; as of now, has been used for a year, manufacturers shipped fast, stable quality, there has never been out of stock out of stock, is really a good business.

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