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EPDM recycled rubber production export rubber sheath

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EPDM recycled rubber production export rubber sheath

Customer Name: Hebei Imported Rubber Products Processing Factory

Use of products: Hongyun EPDM recycled rubber

Production products: export rubber sheath

Use: environmental protection EPDM reclaimed rubber + EPDM rubber

Case Background: A certain rubber product processing company in Hebei has been producing various export-oriented rubber products for its customers. The customer has a long-term partner who specializes in producing export rubber sheaths. The rubber sheath produced by pure EPDM can meet the demand of the products, but as the intermediate manufacturer's profit is too small, the customer wants to use EPDM under the premise of ensuring the quality of the EPDM rubber sheath is not changed. Reclaimed rubber, reducing the cost of rubber sheathing production and improving economic efficiency.

Reason for selection: The customer's rubber sheathed product has high requirements for various indicators, the surface must have a glossy, Hongyun environmental EPDM reclaimed rubber fineness of about 80 mesh, does not contain impurities, replace some of the three yuan B Propylene rubber sheath can guarantee the surface gloss of the rubber sheath (the customer also added a small amount of Fortune Rubber Brightener in the rubber sheathing product); the EPDM reclaimed rubber content is about 70%, with good elasticity, high strength, and high resistance. Low temperature, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, can replace the original EPDM adhesive to meet the needs of partners; imported rubber sheath needs to meet international environmental standards, Hongyun environmental EPDM reclaimed rubber is the exclusive domestic agent imported ion ion tasteless three Yuan ethylene-propylene reclaimed rubber, environmental protection and tasteless.

Case summary: The customer has purchased several pieces of imported EPDM reclaimed rubber and odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber proofing, and finally found that the environmentally friendly EPDM reclaimed rubber with a gel content of 70% has high price but excellent performance. Replacement of more components of the EPDM rubber, the final cost is lower than the odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber and the cost of the rubber sheath produced with EPDM rubber.

Xiao Bian said: Many real cases show that the lower the price of reclaimed rubber, the lower the cost of rubber products, the higher the amount of reclaimed rubber, which is closest to the index of rubber products, instead of the original rubber, and can even be used completely to reduce the rubber consumption. Product production costs.

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