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EPDM recycled rubber production cold storage door seal

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EPDM recycled rubber production cold storage door seal

Customer Profile: Xingtai Rubber Products Factory specializes in producing various types of cold storage door seals. There are professional R&D teams to study the structure of various cold storage doors and the advantages of high quality cold storage door seals in the market. Continuous improvement, continuous innovation, production Out of the cold storage door seal in the domestic market by the majority of users.

Use occasions: all kinds of cold storage seal

Product use: Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber

Demand analysis: The customer previously used EPDM glue to produce cold storage door seals. The product has good tightness and can maintain good performance in various temperature changes; however, the well-known EPDM rubber prices are high, leading to The production cost of cold storage door seals is too high; there are more and more similar low-priced products on the market, and the customer has lost a lot of customers; if customers use cheap raw materials to produce cold storage door seals like other manufacturers, they will also lose customers. The "good faith" that has been erected for a long time is gone. It is tantamount to losing the company's survival. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of “no cost reduction,” the customer decided to add high-quality EPDM reclaimed rubber to the door seal of the refrigerator door and obtain the best performance product by adjusting the formulation.

Product advantages:

1. Goodwin EPDM reclaimed rubber is made of imported EPDM head rubber and unvulcanized EPDM rubber. It has better performance than ordinary EPDM rubber sealant on the market. High fineness, good elasticity, and great strength;

2. Fortunately, EPDM reclaimed rubber has good resistance to high and low temperature, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. It is used in the production of cold storage door sealing strips. It can handle various temperature changes and maintain good sealing performance in low temperature environments for a long time. A long service life.

3. Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber prices are less than half the price of EPDM rubber. Substituting raw glue for cold storage door seals can significantly reduce raw material costs.

Mixed use plan: The technical personnel of this factory communicated with our factory engineer fully, after many tests, finally decided to use the Hongyun to use EPDM reclaimed rubber in great quantities, and use a small amount of EPDM rubber to produce the cold storage door seal. The use of EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce cold-storage door seals, and a properly designed EPDM reclaimed rubber seal strip dosing formula can not only guarantee the performance of the seal strips, but also greatly reduce the cost of raw materials and achieve a win-win result of both quality and efficiency.

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