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EPDM reclaimed rubber production rubber waterstop

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EPDM reclaimed rubber production rubber waterstop

Customer Name: Hengshui a rubber and plastic products processing plant

Use product: Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber

Product use: replace some EPDM rubber to produce EPMD waterstop

Usage: EPDM reclaimed rubber + EPDM rubber

Customer introduction: Hebei Hengshui a rubber and plastic products processing factory produces a variety of rubber tubes, rubber mats, rubber waterstops and other rubber products, select high-quality rubber raw materials to produce a variety of materials, colors, performance, specifications, etc. Products that meet the needs of users can also be customized to produce various rubber products according to customer needs and cost budget. EPDM rubber waterstop is one of the main business projects of the plant.

Case goal: EPDM rubber waterstop belt is mixed with appropriate amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber to reduce production cost under the premise of ensuring quality, in order to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market price competition.

Use effect: EPDM rubber waterstop can exert better water stopping effect under the condition of high water pressure and large structural deformation, and the elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance and ability to adapt to deformation of rubber compound. And the waterproof performance requirements are particularly high, otherwise the transverse section of the rubber waterstop will be elongated, thinned, and exceed the fatigue deformation limit with the settlement of the structure, thereby causing leakage.

Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber is made of EPDM head rubber and unvulcanized EPDM rubber. It is resistant to high and low temperature and excellent aging resistance. From the performance point of view, the test shows that the replacement part of the EPDM rubber and the rubber waterstop sample produced by the combination can ensure good water stopping performance and service life when the structure is deformed, and it can be used in the production of rubber waterstop. Waterproof demand; from the cost point of view, it can reduce the raw material cost and part of the electricity cost by about 30%, providing the customer with more profitable space.

Uses of products: It is understood that Hengshui customers use the rubber waterstops produced by Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber and raw rubber to use waterproofing effects in various waterproof projects such as infrastructure projects and construction projects.

Case summary: The EPDM reclaimed rubber produced by different scale reclaimed rubber factories has great differences in raw materials, equipment and production processes. Therefore, the quality of the products is uneven, and the production of waste car seals and washing machine seals are generally produced. The recycled rubber products have low gel content; EPDM rubber and unvulcanized EPDM rubber have higher content of ethylene and propylene, and the produced EPDM reclaimed rubber has better resistance to high and low temperature and aging resistance. It can replace more components of EPDM, although the price is high, but the same can be achieved to reduce production costs.

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