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Application of EPDM Recycled Rubber in EPDM Rubber Sheet

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Customer Name: Zhangzhou Special Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

Faced with problems: a special rubber and plastics Co., Ltd. in Cangzhou, Hebei Province mainly produces various kinds of special rubber sheets, rubber mats, rubber coils, etc. Among them, rubber sheets processed with EPDM rubber as the main raw material encounter several special tricks. Question: 1 The market price of EPDM rubber is high; 2 The quality of EPDM rubber used in the market has fluctuated greatly, and it has not been able to meet the national environmental protection standards; 3 People are increasingly demanding environmental protection and tastelessness. The product is no longer able to adapt to market demand.

Select product: Fortune Environmental Protection EPDM Recycled Adhesive

The ultimate goal: to use Good Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM raw rubber to produce special rubber sheets resistant to high and low temperature, aging and ozone, to achieve the multiple purposes of meeting national standards and meeting the needs of users while reducing costs.

Demand analysis: Although the demand for special EPDM rubber sheets is strong in the market, the competition among the peers is very fierce. If the self-proclaimed self-proclaimed is about to face the risk of decreasing market share, the price of EPDM rubber on the market is still high. As an alternative raw material for EPDM raw rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost of raw materials to a certain extent, but the quality of recycled rubber resources is difficult to control. The use of regenerative rubber with unstable quality will give special three yuan B. The normal production and product quality of the rubber sheet brings serious damage.

At present, the national environmental protection policy is tightened, and the requirements for the quality and production safety of rubber products are becoming more and more strict. If the rubber products themselves have harmful substances or produce harmful gases in the production process, the liquid will face the risk of product quality being closed or shut down. Therefore, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly and odorless new rubber raw materials to meet national standards and the increasing environmental protection needs of users.

Reason for selection: Hongyun environmentally friendly EPDM reclaimed rubber is processed with imported EPDM head rubber as the main raw material. The product contains high rubber content, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, anti-aging, high insulation and anti-erosion. The replacement of some EPDM rubber to produce special rubber sheets has excellent resistance to aging, ozone, fatigue and electrical insulation in the construction of culverts and bridges, and maintains good water, shock and sealing effects for a long time.

Economic Benefits: Cangzhou can use Hongyun Environmental Protection EPDM Recycled Adhesive in the production of special EPDM rubber sheets, reducing the raw material cost and part of the power supply cost by about 25%. The production process and finished product quality meet the national standards and user requirements. The new cost-effective environmentally friendly EPDM rubber sheet has been launched and the economic benefits have been significantly improved.

Case tracking: According to Xiaobian, the customer is talking about the cooperation of the nitrile reclaimed rubber with the sales department of Hongyun, and said that direct cooperation with the reclaimed rubber manufacturer is the top priority for ensuring the quality stability of EPDM.