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Rubber bushings use EPDM recycled rubber to reduce costs

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Customer Name: Yuyang Rubber Accessories Co., Ltd.

Select product: Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: mixing rubber sleeves in EPDM rubber

Basic situation: A certain rubber fittings company in Xiangyang specializes in producing all kinds of rubber parts and rubber parts. At present, there are three kinds of products in EPDM rubber bushing series, which use Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber. It is understood that the customer has added different proportions of EPDM reclaimed rubber to the EPDM bushing formula according to the different needs of the bushing, which solved the crisis faced by this series of products. So what is the reason for the customer to start using EPDM reclaimed rubber instead of the original glue?

Faced with the problem: Before using Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber, the customer faced two main problems, one from competitors and the other from customers. The rubber parts and rubber parts produced and operated by Xiangyang customers are of good quality and variety. It is a small-scale enterprise with high evaluation in the local area. However, due to the fierce competition in the rubber parts industry, the product advantages of the customers are gradually overtaken by the peers. In terms of price, it is impossible to seize the opportunity, and it does not have the brand advantage of large enterprises, so it is gradually replaced by competitors. On the other hand, there are many local rubber parts processing enterprises, customers have a large space for their choice, and they are not loyal to the company. They gradually choose to cooperate with peers with lower prices.

The EPDM bushing series is one of the main series of customers in Xiangyang. The decline in sales volume and the shrinking market share have seriously affected the economic benefits of enterprises and need to be resolved.

Reason for selection: The rubber will increase sharply under low temperature conditions, which will affect the performance and life of the rubber bushing. The Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber is made of EPDM head rubber and unvulcanized EPDM rubber. It has high rubber content, good elasticity, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and aging resistance. The use of part of the EPDM rubber in the rubber bushing can reduce the production cost of about 20-35% while ensuring the good elasticity and mechanical strength of the bushing.

Case Results: After the customers use the Fortune EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber bushings, they reduce the production cost without reducing the product quality, which provides more room for the price reduction; the market share gradually increases after the price adjustment, and the loss Old customers are gradually re-establishing partnerships and new customers are growing.

Case Tracking: It is understood that the customer found a suitable product in another reclaimed rubber factory when selecting EPDM reclaimed rubber, but after comparison, it was found that the product quality of Fortune was more stable, and the customer of Xiangyang had also been from the supplier. After eating the loss, I finally decided to choose the reclaimed rubber factory with more stable quality of recycled rubber.