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EPDM reclaimed rubber is used to reduce the cost of pipeline interface seals

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EPDM reclaimed rubber is used to reduce the cost of pipeline interface seals

Customer Name: Hengshui Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Product used: Hongyun EPDM recycled rubber (first grade)

Use occasion: used with EPDM to produce all kinds of pipeline interface seals

Performance requirements: The pipeline interface sealing ring needs to withstand external forces and compression deformation during work. Among them, the permanent deformation of the rubber compound directly affects the service life of the rubber sealing ring; some pipeline rubber interfaces need to be exposed to the air and resistant to high temperature rubber , Strict requirements for ozone resistance and weather resistance.

Case background: The traditional styrene butadiene rubber sealing ring has been unable to meet the needs of pipeline matching components; the domestic water supply and drainage pipeline market is constantly expanding, and the demand for pipeline interface sealing rings is increasing. This customer meets the market demand and produces a large number of pipeline interfaces Sealing ring. However, as the competition in the drainage pipeline industry continues to intensify, users have increasingly higher requirements for the cost-effectiveness of the pipe interface sealing ring, hoping to reduce more costs as much as possible to improve market competitiveness.

Case history: Ethylene-propylene rubber is a low-density, high-fill rubber. After a large amount of rubber filler and rubber oil are filled, the mechanical strength of the rubber does not change much. Hengshui customers started to increase the amount of calcium carbonate 2LLYY515 in EPDM rubber to meet the needs of users; but with the increase in the amount of calcium carbonate, the permanent deformation and tear strength of the finished pipe joint sealing ring increased significantly, which undoubtedly shortened the rubber The service life of the sealing ring has been reduced to some extent by other mechanical indicators. The plan to increase the amount of calcium carbonate to reduce the production cost of EPDM pipe seals failed.

Reason for selection: EPDM rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, compression resistance and permanent deformation performance. EPDM reclaimed rubber is processed with EPDM unvulcanized compounded rubber or waste EPDM rubber products as raw materials. The basic performance characteristics of EPDM raw rubber are retained, and the compatibility with EPDM rubber is good, and the price is much lower than that of the original rubber. It can directly replace EPDM raw rubber to prepare the pipe interface sealing ring. On the premise of effectively reducing raw material costs.

Economic benefit: The customer uses Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber (Grade 1) and EPDM raw rubber together to produce rubber pipe seal ring, which reduces the raw material cost by about 28% on average. With the continuous popularization of EPDM pipe sealing rings, more natural rubber sealing rings and styrene butadiene rubber sealing rings have been eliminated. The customer stated that the rubber seals produced with Hongyun EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM raw rubber as the main raw materials have already been recognized by users, and the market has already radiated to all parts of the country.

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