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How to design EPDM reclaimed rubber insulation hose formula

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How to design EPDM reclaimed rubber insulation hose formula

EPDM reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber processed from used EPDM rubber products. In addition to excellent resistance to high and low temperature, anti-aging properties, it also has good electrical insulation properties, used for the production of commonly used outdoor electrical insulation The hose can maintain excellent service performance, long service life, and can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce electrical insulation hoses to formulate product formulations, the following issues should be noted:

1. Use sulphur system and use sulphur as vulcanizing agent of vulcanization system, in which the amount of sulphur should not be too high; proper amount of sulphur can improve the physical properties of regenerated rubber insulated hose, but if the vulcanization amount is too high, it will lead to the tensile strength of the insulating hose. And the elongation at break decreases, which affects the performance of the insulating hose.

2. Accelerator can shorten vulcanization time, reduce vulcanization temperature, reduce the amount of vulcanizing agent and improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber. EPDM reclaimed rubber production of insulating rubber hose in the selection of vulcanization accelerator, in addition to considering the vulcanization speed in addition to the need Considering the insulating effect of the accelerator, an accelerator having a good insulating effect, such as a thiazole accelerator M and an accelerator DM, is selected. Among them, the accelerator M has a high activity, a low curing temperature, and is easily dispersed in a rubber compound and is not polluted during use. Promoter DM is a general-purpose accelerator that can improve the aging resistance of EPDM reclaimed rubber compounds and extend the service life of rubber products.

3. When selecting reinforcing filler, you can choose clay, talcum powder, mica powder and light calcium with good electrical resistance as filling (these can also be used as fillers in light-colored colored insulating rubber hoses, and will not be used as compounding tapes. To bear, and the conductive effect is very good); If you use EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce black insulated hose, you can add proper amount of carbon black in the rubber product formula, the amount should not be too much, it is best to use low-structure carbon black; Epoxy rubber reclaimed rubber production of color hose is best not to use carbon black, can be replaced by white carbon black, talcum powder, clay. Choosing the right reinforcing filler can not only improve the comprehensive performance of EPDM regenerated rubber insulation hose, including tensile strength, hardness, aging resistance, but also reduce part of the production cost.