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Production of electric fuel injection pipe by nitrile reclaimed rubber

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1. Case overview

Shandong Rubber Products Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of rubber tube and rubber strip rubber products. The market share of EFI pipes produced from nitrile rubber is very high. To further reduce the cost of raw materials, the customer began to look for nitrile rubber. The replacement raw materials came to the sales headquarters of Hongyun Recycled Rubber. After communication between the two engineers, it was decided to blend a certain proportion of Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber (90% environmentally friendly nitrile reclaimed rubber and 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber) into the EFI pipe; After the trial of the nitrile reclaimed rubber sample, it was decided to use 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber. A large number of productions have entered the market and achieved good economic benefits.

2. Technical requirements: The wall of the EFI pipe produced by this customer is 3-5mm thick, the operating temperature range is between -40-120 °C, the bursting pressure is between 2-10Mpa, the inner diameter is 6-25mm, and the outer diameter is 12- 35mm.

3. Solve the problem

The customer encountered two problems when using the two kinds of nitrile reclaimed rubber for the trial: 190% nitrile reclaimed rubber is higher than 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber, but the Mooney viscosity is higher than 80% nitrile. The processing energy consumption in plastic mixing is high; 280% nitrile reclaimed rubber is easy to be plasticized and kneaded, but the mechanical strength of EFI pipe produced by using 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber is better than pure nitrile EFI The tubing is slightly lower. In the end, the Fortune engineer suggested that the customer should increase the amount of aramid cloth in the EFI material with 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber. The pressure resistance of the EFI pipe is obviously improved, which fully meets the technical requirements of the product.

Aramid fiber has good softness, high strength and good adhesion. It has good resistance to chemical reagents and good insulation. Adding a certain amount of aramid fiber to the nitrile EFI hose can significantly improve the pressure resistance of the hose. Improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of EFI hoses containing nitrile reclaimed rubber.

4. Case summary

Fortune 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber has large oil resistance coefficient, high mechanical strength, good fineness, excellent plasticity and flowability. It can produce electrospray that meets technical requirements through reasonable formula adjustment when replacing some nitrile rubber to produce EFI pipes. Tubing products; It is understood that the customer designed a number of EFI pipes containing 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber to meet the technical requirements of different EFI pipes. The customer's praise has been increasing, and the market sales and economic benefits have been significantly improved.