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NBR rubber gasket uses nitrile regeneration to reduce costs

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Customer Name: Shandong Sealing Products Co., Ltd.

Product used: Hongyun 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber filter

Application: used with nitrile rubber to produce rubber gaskets

Cooperation time: more than 3 years

Case background: In early January 2017, the market price of nitrile rubber continued to increase as the price of butadiene increased; after the Spring Festival, the market price of Lanhua 3305E rose to 28,500 yuan / ton. The customer decided to increase the amount of low-cost filler to reduce the production cost of nitrile rubber gasket due to insufficient capital chain support, but the test effect was not satisfactory. The purchaser stumbled upon Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber product on a B2B website, and it felt good. After "docking" with the technician, he decided to try the effect first.

Case study: Shandong customers first tried to contact Hongyun by telephone, and ordered a total of 100 kg of Hongyun 80% nitrile recycled film and 80% nitrile recycled rubber filter strips. After communicating with the customer, Hongyun Technology Department designed a formula for producing rubber gaskets using Hongyun recycled rubber and nitrile original rubber according to the actual needs of customers.

Case result: Ten days later, the customer called again and decided to use Fortune 80% Nitrile Recycled Rubber Filter Strips for two main reasons. One is because from the production point of view, the compatibility of 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber filter strips with the original rubber is better, the power consumption during the production process is lower, and the use effect is more ideal; from the perspective of price, 80% The indexes of nitrile recycled film and Hongyun 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber filter strip are basically the same, but the latter price is slightly lower, which is more favorable in terms of cost; therefore, the customer decided to use Hongyun 80% nitrile reclaimed rubber filter strip.

In 2017, the price of nitrile rubber has been rising and stopping, basically in a high trend. The customer has repeatedly said that after using nitrile butadiene rubber, the cost pressure caused by the price increase of nitrile butadiene rubber 2LLYY420 has been significantly reduced, the product quality is guaranteed, the cost is properly controlled, and the economic benefits are significantly improved.

Summary of experience: The customer once asked Hongyun Technology Department that the tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness and other indicators of the two nitrile reclaimed rubbers are similar. Why are the application effects different in the use process? The expensive ones are not good Anymore? Actually, otherwise, due to the specific needs of various rubber products and the production equipment and conditions of rubber product manufacturers, there are great differences. Even the same kind of reclaimed rubber can have different effects under different conditions; different reclaimed rubber under the same conditions The effect of use is naturally different. Therefore, the most feared thing for rubber product manufacturers using reclaimed rubber is that the quality of reclaimed rubber is unstable. It is particularly important to choose a regular reclaimed rubber plant with a certain production scale, sufficient inventory and stable quality.