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Nitrile reclaimed rubber production of oil-resistant shoes

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Hongyun Environmental nitrile reclaimed rubber: Hongyun Environmental nitrile reclaimed rubber is made of high-quality deputy nitrile rubber as the main raw material. It adopts advanced technology to produce products with high oil resistance and good hand elasticity. It can directly replace the production of all kinds of nitrile rubber. Rubber products ensure the stability of product properties and significantly reduce raw material costs.

Customer Market Analysis: The nitrile rubber-resistant rubber shoes produced by this customer is a kind of protective shoes for people who work in the oil medium for a long time. The sales target is the oil-related enterprises and the protective footwear wholesale market; the company is for the staff to buy in large quantities. Work shoes, pay attention to product quality stability and manufacturer services; wholesale market is directly face long-term work in the oil environment of personnel, pay more attention to the price of oil-resistant rubber shoes and service life.

The threat of oil-resistant rubber shoes for customers in Jiangsu is: more and more manufacturers of oil-resistant rubber shoes, prices are getting lower and lower, and the price of nitrile rubber is rising again. The polarization between the two has caused manufacturers to face a dilemma; the customer who has signed an agreement is fine. However, more people in the wholesale retail market are willing to buy low-priced products.

Advantages of Jiangsu customers' oil-resistant rubber shoes: good oil resistance, long-term stability in oils and fats, good elasticity, high comfort, environmental protection and odorlessness, no irritating odor in oil-based media, and comprehensive product performance good.

The weakness of Jiangsu customers' oil-resistant rubber shoes: In the same grade of oil-resistant rubber shoes manufacturers, the price is 2-3 yuan higher for each double retail, and the volume order for enterprises is also higher by 1 to 2 yuan; it seems that the prices are not much different, but It is this “small” price difference that caused a large loss of customers.

Client's goal: to find a nitrile reclaimed rubber that can maintain the performance of oil-resistant rubber shoes, reduce the cost of raw materials, and win more customers in the fierce market competition.

Customer experience: According to the customer's various performance indicators of oil-resistant rubber shoes, our engineers recommended him a green environmental odorless nitrile reclaimed rubber, and designed the corresponding formula, even with the same kilogram samples sent; and after the customer received After the sample began to test, found that the use of past samples and formulas produced by the oil-resistant rubber shoes and the same as before, even in some of the performance is even better than before; the cost of raw materials per pair of rubber shoes probably reduced by about 2 yuan; In addition, during the production process of nitrile reclaimed rubber, there is no need for plastication, and the fluidity is better than that of the original rubber. Therefore, the processing technology is good, and part of the electricity and electricity bills can also be saved.

Jiangsu customers use Hongyun's environmental protection nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber to produce oil-resistant rubber shoes with the same quality as oil-resistant rubber shoes at the same price. Therefore, the sales share in the retail and wholesale market is greatly improved. It is necessary to know that “quality and cheap” and “high cost-effectiveness” are the common pursuit of all. In the ordering of enterprises, many of the customers who have bought them are recommended to their own companies. As a result, orders for enterprises have become more and more, achieving a win-win situation of cost, quality, and customers.