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Nitrile reclaimed rubber improves the elasticity of the oil roller

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Case Overview: A producer of oil-resistant rubber rollers in Jing County, Hebei Province, has been using Ford Nitrile reclaimed rubber to produce rubber rollers. The oil-resistant rubber rollers produced have excellent oil resistance. They need contact with oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons in printing, papermaking and packaging. Solvents can be used for a long time to maintain the same performance, welcomed by the manufacturers.

Customer Profile: The customer is specialized in the production of oil roller products manufacturers, the main sales target is some printing plants, paper mills, textile mills and other manufacturers, rubber roller products, excellent oil resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance is better, in the market The sales have been good.

There are problems and demands: The rubber roller produced by using nitrile rubber has good wear resistance and long service life, but the product has poor elasticity and causes great trouble during use; but if the elasticity of the oil roller is improved, it The wear resistance will drop, so we want to develop a new roller product, improve wear resistance and elasticity, and improve the overall performance of the product.

Product use: Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber

Advantages of the product: Hongyun Nitrile reclaimed rubber has better plasticity, fluidity, and feel flexibility than acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber. Compared with ordinary nitrile reclaimed rubber, it has higher oil resistance coefficient, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, aging resistance, and good machining performance. .

Application: After our factory engineers communicate with the customer, we recommend that they use nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber and nitrile rubber together to produce oil-resistant rubber rollers, and formulate a reasonable oil roller product formula for our products and customer needs. After testing, the customer found that the elastic rubber roller was greatly improved on the premise of ensuring the ideal wear resistance, and the production cost was significantly reduced.

Benefit Analysis: Compared with nitrile rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber has a much lower product price, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials for oil-resistant rubber rollers. Nitrile reclaimed rubber does not require plastication and is simple to open and smelt. It only needs to be plastinated in nitrile rubber. After joining, it can save part of the electricity bill. The use of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber and nitrile rubber to produce an oil-resistant rubber roller improves the elasticity and finds a good balance between elasticity and wear resistance. This is inseparable from the formula design of oil-resistant products, and the overall performance of the product has been significantly improved, thus attracting more customers to purchase.