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Application of nitrile reclaimed rubber in combination washer

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Application of nitrile reclaimed rubber in combination washer

Customer Name: Wuxi Certain Sealing Products Co., Ltd.

Select product: environmentally friendly nitrile reclaimed rubber

Production of products: rubber combination washer

Application: nitrile rubber + nitrile reclaimed rubber

Case Description: Jiangsu Wuxi Sealing Products Co., Ltd. all kinds of rubber O-rings, high temperature sealing rings, oil seals, combination gaskets, rubber gaskets, special-shaped seals, etc., where the combination washer is the customer's main product, according to The raw materials can be divided into a nitrile combination gasket and a fluororubber combination gasket. The nitrile combination gasket is determined to be mixed with an appropriate amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber to reduce the production cost.

Product introduction: The so-called combination washer is a rubber seal which is integrally vulcanized by a rubber ring and a metal ring. A combination washer includes a metal ring and a rubber gasket, which is used for welding in an oil medium pipeline system. The pressure system of the ferrule, screw plug and mechanical device is sealed, so the oil resistance of the rubber compound is particularly high.

Index requirements: rubber combination washers generally work in oil medium pipeline systems, so the first requirement for the rubber compound used is oil resistance; general nitrile combination gaskets will work in high temperature or low temperature environment, and the rubber compound needs good high resistance. Low temperature performance, can maintain good elasticity and oil resistance under low temperature conditions; as a classification of rubber sealing gasket, wear resistance, waterproof, insulation, high fineness will undoubtedly provide a better sealing effect for the sealing gasket.

Product advantages: Compared with fluororubber, nitrile rubber is more cost-effective in rubber gaskets, so it is more widely used; Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber is based on the brand of nitrile rubber and waste nitrile gloves. Up to 90%, good elasticity, strong strength, high fineness, excellent oil resistance, environmentally friendly and odorless, comparable to nitrile rubber; compared with nitrile rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber has better fluidity, plasticity and lower price Not only can reduce the cost of raw materials, but also reduce the power consumption in the production process; the addition of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the nitrile combination gasket can further reduce the production cost and improve the cost performance of the product.

Use effect: It is understood that after Jiangsu customers use a certain proportion of nitrile reclaimed rubber in the combination gasket, the production cost is reduced by about 25%, and the market sales volume rises linearly; after a period of time, the customer's actual user feedback, nitrile rubber and The nitrile reclaimed rubber and the oil-resistant combination gasket produced can maintain a good sealing effect in the oil medium for a long time.

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