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Interpretation of rubber dust jacket with nitrile reclaimed rubber case

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Case background: Jiangsu Yancheng Rubber Parts Co., Ltd. mainly deals in all kinds of small rubber parts. The rubber dust jacket produced by nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance, and has long-term cooperation with many domestic accessory manufacturers. To meet the needs of different users, we are diligently researching and developing various nitrile rubber dust jackets; different manufacturers have different index requirements and price budgets for nitrile dust jackets, among which more and more customers are purchasing low-priced nitrile dust jackets. The production cost of the production mode and mode used is higher than the user's demand and needs to be improved.

Demand analysis (market positioning): There are three types of sales groups for nitrile rubber dust jackets produced by Jiangsu customers: one is a domestic brand with strict quality requirements, and the other is a quality requirement but not too high. Medium-sized enterprises and small factories that meet basic needs; nitrile reclaimed rubber retains the basic performance characteristics of nitrile rubber, and its price is much lower than that of nitrile rubber. In the face of different customer groups, Jiangsu customers decided to start with nitrile rubber. Recycle the rubber with a certain proportion of nitrile to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs.

Adjust production mode: Jiangsu customers originally adjusted the production cost by adjusting the amount of rubber filler in the nitrile rubber dust jacket. The high-index rubber dust jacket completely uses nitrile rubber and the right amount of rubber filler, while in low-cost rubber. In the dust jacket, a large amount of rubber filler is filled; however, the excessive use of the inorganic filler may cause the oil resistance, elasticity and mechanical strength of the dust jacket to be significantly lowered, which cannot be satisfied. After the engineer communicated with the company's responsible person, he decided to try the nitrile reclaimed rubber, which was the first step in the original adjustment of production methods.

How to use: After many trials, Jiangsu customers decided to use the environmentally-friendly nitrile reclaimed rubber. In the high-grade oil-resistant rubber dust jacket, 10% of the nitrile reclaimed rubber was added. The appropriate increase in the amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber can be further improved. The rubber dust jacket is cost-effective and suitable for medium-sized manufacturers, while the low-cost rubber dust jacket is blended with nitrile reclaimed rubber or even completely using reclaimed rubber. The production cost of rubber dust jacket is regulated by adjusting the amount of nitrile reclaimed rubber. .

Gaining benefits: Jiangsu customers can say that the company has opened the door for customized production, and custom-made nitrile rubber dust jackets of various grades according to customer demand; among them, low-cost rubber produced by high-yield nitrile reclaimed rubber The dust jacket has become the main force; after the factory has put the Hongyun environmentally friendly nitrile reclaimed rubber into the rubber dust jacket and put it into the market in large quantities, the market sales have increased significantly, and the annual economic benefits have increased by about 45% on average.

Customer feedback: The rubber dust jacket made of nitrile rubber can be used for a long time below 120 °C. Fortune nitrile reclaimed rubber has high glue content, good elasticity, high fineness and low price. It is used in the production of rubber dust jacket. It can reduce costs, meet the requirements of the index, and maintain a very low air permeability to ensure better sealing and shock absorption.