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Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber/rubber production bladder formulations

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Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber/rubber production bladder formulations

Most chlorinated butyl regenerated rubbers are processed from waste butyl stoppers. Compared with butyl inner tire reclaimed rubber, chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber has faster curing speed, better heat resistance, and permanent compression. Smaller deformation; chlorinated butyl regenerated rubber is less expensive than chlorinated butyl rubber; chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber and chlorinated butyl rubber are used together to produce bladders, which can maintain good airtightness. It can also maintain good performance and service life in high frequency bouncing and significantly reduce raw material costs.

Chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber, 80 parts; Chlorinated butyl rubber, 20 parts; High abrasion carbon black, 50 parts; Calcium carbonate, 5 parts; calcium silicate, 15 parts; talc, 15 parts; paraffin oil, 5 parts; stearic acid, 2 parts; antioxidant, 2 parts; zinc stearate, 3 parts; accelerator TMTD, 1 part; accelerator DPG, 0.2 part; sulfur, 1.5 parts; total: 199.7 parts.

Although the chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber and the chlorinated butyl rubber itself have extremely low gas permeability in the above formulation, high requirements are required for the fineness of the compounding agent. Carbon black, calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, talcum powder and other powdery additives need to select high-fineness products, in which high wear-resistant carbon black can improve the tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, and resistance of bladders. Pressure, calcium carbonate can improve the ball bladder tensile strength and gloss; talcum powder can reduce ball bladder deformation stretch rate, thermal expansion coefficient, increase product size stability, shear strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, etc.; Silicic acid Calcium can improve the heat resistance of bladder products.

In order to delay the aging time of the bladder, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent to the product in the production of bladder bile formula with chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber and chlorinated butyl rubber. Antioxidant SP is a typical heat-resistant oxygen type antioxidant, which can significantly improve the oxidation resistance and heat resistance of rubber products. It has very little pollution and can be used as the main anti-aging agent for chlorinated butyl regenerated rubber/rubber. To further improve the chlorinated butyl rubber bladder, one or two other antioxidants can be selected as auxiliary antioxidants in the anti-aging system of the bladder.

When using chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber and chlorinated butyl rubber to produce bladders, rubber product manufacturers can adjust the ratio of chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber to chlorinated butyl rubber according to the requirements of the bladder and the cost budget. The smaller the amount of chlorinated butyl rubber in the high chlorinated butyl reclaimed rubber, the lower the cost of rubber raw materials while ensuring the normal performance of the bladder; if you want to improve the elasticity of the rubber bladder, the elongation at break It can also use a small amount of natural rubber, such as smoke tablet, in the formula to increase the gel content of the bladder and improve the low temperature elasticity.