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What rubber modifiers will be used in butyl rubber products?

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What rubber modifiers will be used in butyl rubber products?

Butyl rubber has important applications in high-tightness rubber products, sound insulation products, anti-corrosion products, heat-resistant products and other fields, such as automotive inner tubes, damping blocks, heat-resistant conveyor belts, and the use of butyl rubber to produce various kinds of rubber products. At the time, not only the combination of various vulcanization agents, accelerators, antioxidants for antioxidants, but also different types of modifiers are used, including “homologous brothers” butyl reclaimed rubber and chlorinated butyl rubber, and Sanyi B. Propylene rubber can be used as a rubber product modifier mainly based on butyl rubber.

1. Butyl reclaimed rubber as butyl rubber product modifier

Many manufacturers of butyl rubber products now use different proportions of butyl reclaimed rubber in their products in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, and even use butyl regenerated rubber instead of butyl rubber as the main raw material of IIR products to reduce raw material costs; but In actual use, butyl regenerated rubber can also appear as a modifier in butyl rubber products; adding a small amount of butyl reclaimed rubber as a modifier in butyl rubber products can improve the pressure of rubber products. Outgoing, rolling performance, reduce production costs.

2, butyl chloride rubber reclaimed rubber as a butyl rubber product modifier

The chlorinated butyl rubber is obtained by introducing chlorine in the butyl rubber solution. Chlorination occurs in the isoprene part. Each isoprene double bond chain usually replaces a chlorine atom, retaining the basic structure of the butyl rubber. With performance characteristics, low air permeability, sound absorption, shock absorption, heat resistance, ozone resistance, anti-corrosion, processing performance and flex resistance performance is better than butyl rubber, application in butyl rubber products can further improve the resistance of the product to flexion performance.

3, EPDM rubber as butyl rubber product modifier

Many butyl inner tube manufacturers know that using a small amount of ethylene propylene diene monomer in the butyl inner tube can improve the aging of the butyl inner tube, causing it to become soft, sticky, reduce the hardness, increase the air permeability, and prolong the aging time of the butyl inner tube. Therefore, EPDM rubbers with excellent resistance to high and low temperatures and aging resistance can also be used as modifiers for butyl rubber products; in addition, EPDM rubber can also improve the heat resistance of butyl vulcanizates, especially In some shock-absorbing rubber products, a number of physical properties of the product are balanced, and the overall performance of the butyl rubber product is improved.

4, polyisobutylene rubber as a butyl rubber product modifier

Polyisobutylene is a rubber made from isobutylene polymerized by polymerization. It is a typical saturated linear polymer. In butyl rubber products, it can greatly improve the ozone resistance and corrosion resistance of products and improve butyl rubber. Impact strength, tear strength, barrier properties and flexibility of the product.

When butyl rubber is used to produce rubber products, butyl reclaimed rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber, EPDM rubber and polyisobutylene rubber are all ideal rubber modifiers, and rubber product manufacturers can rationally use them according to their own needs; The base reclaimed rubber is processed from the waste butyl inner tube, which is basically the same as the performance and molecular structure of the butyl rubber. It can be used as the main material or modifier of the butyl rubber products, in the modified rubber product processing technology and improve the product synthesis. Performance while reducing production costs.

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