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The difference between tall oil and tall oil fatty acids

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The difference between tall oil and tall oil fatty acids

Many rubber product manufacturers now add appropriate amounts of tall oil to their formulations when they produce products, improve the processing performance of rubber products, and improve the plasticity of rubber compounds. However, many people have a very vague idea of tall oil and tall oil fatty acids, or think that they are the same substance. Is this true? What is the difference between tall oil and tall oil fatty acid if not a chemical additive? Which is better?

The name of tall oil is transliterated from “Tall Oil”, also known as liquid rosin. It is made of black solution that the carpenter participates in. The main component is fatty acid and rosin acid, which is pollution-free, non-radioactive, and non-penetrating. Non-toxic and odorless plant-friendly rubber oil has good compatibility with rubber compounds. It can be used as processing aid, softener and anti-foam agent in the production of rubber products. It is more evenly dispersed than other types of rubber oil. Emulsification is faster and less prone to migration.

Tall oil fatty acid is a fatty acid prepared from tall oil. The main component is oleic acid, linoleic acid and its isomer mixture. It can also be used in the production of rubber products, used as rubber processing oil, softened, plasticized. , improve the performance of rubber products.

In actual production, tall oil fatty acid and refined tall oil are not significantly different in the processing of rubber products. Only the content of rosin acid in tall oil is higher and the content of oleic acid in tall oil fatty acid is higher. Therefore, it is appropriate. The oil's water resistance and anti-foaming properties are better than those of tall oil fatty acid; tall oil fatty acid has stronger capture ability and taste than ordinary oleic acid, and can improve the weather resistance, flexibility and surface brightness of rubber products, and Tall oil has a certain anti-foaming effect.

Different rubber products have different performance requirements, so the ingredients used are not the same. Tall oil and tall oil fatty acids have certain differences, but they can play an important role in different reclaimed rubber products. It does not matter. Tall oil is good "or" tall oil fatty acid is good ", suitable is the best.

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