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Softening Effect of Coumarone in Nitrile Rubber Products

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Softening Effect of Coumarone in Nitrile Rubber Products

Coumarone resin is a viscous liquid or solid with good electrical insulation, aging resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and thermoplastic properties. It can be widely used in various tires, V-belts, conveyor belts, hoses, etc. In the production of rubber products such as waterproof materials, the effect of softening, reinforcing and thickening is remarkable, and the processing performance of rubber products is improved. Nitrile rubber/reclaimed rubber is a commonly used rubber material and can produce a variety of oil-resistant rubber products, wear-resistant parts, etc., and often used in the production process. So what role does Comalon play in the production of nitrile rubber/recycled rubber products?

Nitrile rubber is a typical polar rubber, which determines its excellent oil resistance. The unique molecular structure makes nitrile rubber/reclaimed rubber have good compatibility, and it is not easy to be extracted by various solvents to affect the process performance of nitrile rubber products.

In actual production: Generally, the softening point is between 20-28 degrees Celsius with a low softening point. The process performance of the Coumarone resin is better than that of the high softening point. It can significantly improve the extrusion process of the nitrile rubber, and the softening point The softening effect of Comaron resin above 110 degrees Celsius is poor, and it will also promote the aging of nitrile rubber/reclaimed rubber products to a certain extent. Generally, organic reinforcing agents are used in nitrile rubber products.

Although nitrile rubber products can now be vulcanized with compounding agents such as resins or peroxides, sulfur vulcanization systems are still the most commonly used vulcanization systems. Comarone resin has the ability to dissolve sulfur and can reduce the blue spray of nitrile rubber. , To reduce the occurrence of scorch problems; The use of appropriate amount of Coumarone resin in nitrile rubber products can increase the dispersion of sulfur in nitrile rubber/reclaim rubber compounds, and improve nitrile rubber/regeneration when increasing the uniformity of vulcanization. Rubber vulcanizates tensile strength and hardness.

The liquid coumarone is generally brown and sticky and can be used as a tackifier or softener in the production of nitrile rubber products. The viscosity-increasing effect and softening effect are better than those of solid coumarone, and they are used as tackifiers in nitrile rubber products. When the agent is used, about 8% can be added. As a softener in the formulation of rubber products, the amount can be increased by 13%. When using Coumarone in the production of nitrile rubber/reclaimed rubber products, fine-grained carbon black, zinc oxide, stearic acid, sulfur, and accelerator DM are used in combination to improve the compounding performance of nitrile rubber compound and effectively improve the productivity. The tensile strength, hardness, and elongation at break of nitrile rubber/reclaimed rubber products.