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Improve hot tearing resistance of EPDM products

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EPDM rubber has excellent anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance, has important applications in automotive rubber parts, waterproof materials, wire and cable, heat-resistant products, hoses, tapes, rubber sealing products and other fields; EPDM regeneration The properties of rubber and EPDM rubber are the same, and the price is lower than that of EPDM. Therefore, many EPDM product manufacturers use the production methods of EPDM reclaimed rubber and EPDM rubber to ensure quality and reduce costs. When EPDM rubber or reclaimed rubber is used to produce rubber products, hot tearing sometimes occurs, which seriously affects the yield of EPDM rubber products. How can this be solved?

There is a very common case of EPDM tearing in hot tearing of EPDM products. The EPDM rubber seals tear during the hot stripping of the holes. There are many reasons for this problem, mainly from The EPDM rubber product formulation contains the amount of rubber, reinforcing agent and other aspects to improve the hot tearing resistance of EPDM rubber products, improve product yield, production efficiency, and reduce material waste.

1. Improve the content of EPDM rubber products

When using EPDM rubber or EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, if the amount of EPDM reclaimed rubber or filler with too low amount of rubber is used too much, it will cause the entire formula containing too little glue, resulting in Rubber products appear hot tearing phenomenon; this time, rubber products manufacturers can choose to replace the high quality of the high EPDM reclaimed rubber or to improve the amount of EPDM in the formula, improve the gel content, improve Rubber products hot release tearing.

2. Note the amount of reinforcing agent in EPDM rubber products

Reinforcement agent can improve the rubber product ethylene propylene diene rubber product formula in the type of reinforcing agent or the amount of misconduct can also cause tearing when hot mold release problem. Carbon black N330 is the most widely used kind of highly wearable carbon black with excellent reinforcing performance, which can significantly improve the tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, elasticity and dispersion of EPDM rubber/recycled rubber products. Excellent performance and extrusion performance; appropriate increase in the amount of carbon black N330 EPDM rubber formulations can also improve the EPDM rubber hot tearing performance.

3, silane coupling agent is currently used in all walks of life commonly used in the treatment agent, as a polymer-based composite material additives, with inorganic inorganic surface prone to chemical reactions, but also contains easy synthetic resin or other polymer Chemical-responsive, hydrogen-bonding organophilic groups improve the interfacial interaction between inorganic and organic materials, and can further improve the product's aging resistance and wear resistance in EPDM/recycled rubber products. Material performance, improve the resistance to thermal tearing of EPDM rubber products.

In actual production, not only EPDM rubber/recycled rubber products can improve the resistance to tearing resistance of rubber strips through the above methods, but also improve the product qualification rate and production efficiency of the product manufacturers; in the selection of EPDM rubber products, Sanyuan B C. When reclaiming rubber, choose carefully, and choose a product with stable quality and good after-sales service.