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The causes of bubbles on the surface of nitrile rubber products

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The causes of bubbles on the surface of nitrile rubber products

The use of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber production of long-term work in the oil environment to maintain the same properties, it is widely used in the production of oil-resistant plastic sheet, oil pads, oil-resistant rubber boots and other rubber products; However, sometimes use nitrile Recycled rubber produced by the surface of the rubber bubble generation, which is why? At this time many rubber products companies have begun to doubt the quality of nitrile rubber reclaimed.

In fact, not only nitrile rubber reclaimed products, all rubber products are likely to bubble phenomenon, triggering this problem for many reasons:

1, plasticizer: NBR plastic products reclaimed plasticizers in the formulation of molecular weight is too small, in the process of vaporization or at a certain temperature and the separation of rubber generated volatile, and then produce blistering; so in the choice of plastic When the type of agent, be careful.

2, nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber products can not be inseparable from the vulcanization of this process, if the vulcanization process is the use of peroxide vulcanizing agent, such vulcanizing agent decomposition will produce ketones and alcohols volatile, resulting in bubbles.

3. Zinc Oxide and Stearic Acid are a group of important chemical auxiliaries in the reclaimed rubber products of NBR. Both of them complement each other, but the reaction of the two will not only form zinc soap and complex but also produce water, which will cause the products Surface bubbles.

4, the use of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber production, the rubber viscosity is too low, easy to get involved in the production process of gas and difficult to rule out, resulting in bubble generation.

5, nitrile rubber products reclaimed scorch time is too long, the gas is not easy to rule out sulfur, resulting in bubbles.

6, NBR recycled rubber products in the production process, curing speed is too slow, curing temperature and curing pressure is too low, will lead to less sulfur compounds, resulting in bubbles.

7, low hardness nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber is more prone to bubbles than high hardness nitrile rubber.

8, if the nitrile rubber regeneration materials mixed with other types of rubber, rubber products can also cause surface bubbles.

9, NBR reclaimed rubber and accessories in the storage process damp, can also lead to bubble generation.

The use of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber production Whether raw materials, materials selection, storage, or production process operations, must be cautious and strict.