Sub-brand nitrile rubber

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Sub-brand nitrile rubber

  • Tensile strength:18.8Mpa
  • Elongation at break:370%
  • Shore hardness:56HA
  • Fineness of mesh:80mesh
  • Environmental level:ROHS
  • Produced:Malaysia
  • Specifications:20KG
  • Packing:Bag
  • Date:2010-01
  • Hits:17169

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The sub brand nitrile rubber (granular) imported from Malaysia has the characteristics of high oil resistance coefficient, high tensile strength, high elongation at break, good hand elasticity, high plasticity, and good mechanical processing performance. It can directly replace the Russian nitrile 26, Lanhua 26 nitrile rubber, or use it with the authentic nitrile rubber to produce high standard oil resistant rubber products, significantly improving the anti-aging performance of rubber products, After being used by hundreds of enterprises, the average cost reduction is about 35%.

Applicable products: O-ring oil seal, rubber cup, diaphragm, oil-resistant rubber pad, bellows, oil-resistant tubing, oil-resistant rubber plate, oil-resistant rubber boots, cable skin, rubber alloy, friction block and other oil-resistant and wear-resistant products.

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