Vice brand nitrile rubber

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Vice brand nitrile rubber

  • Tensile strength:19Mpa
  • Elongation at break:450%
  • Shore hardness:40HA
  • Fineness of mesh:60mesh
  • Environmental level:ROHS
  • Produced:HongYun
  • Specifications:25KG
  • Packing:Bag
  • Date:2010-01
  • Hits:13052

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Vice brand of nitrile rubber selection of blue, Nantong nitrile parking NBR when the main raw material, after the mill dehydration, additives to absorb water activation of acrylonitrile and other complex processes are completed, the molecular weight is generally about 300,000. The use of sub-brand nitrile rubber can directly replace the Russian NBR -26, Lanhua 26 nitrile rubber production of oil-resistant rubber products, significantly improve the anti-aging properties of rubber products and significantly reduce production costs, with strength, good oil, pull Broken high elongation characteristics.

Applicable Products: O-ring oil seal, Diaphragm membrane, oil-proof bellows, oil pipe, oil resistant rubber, oil resistant rubber boots, cable jacket, rubber alloy, friction blocks and other oil resistant products.

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