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Nitrile rubber plate odor reasons and production techniques

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Nitrile rubber plate odor reasons and production techniques

The use of nitrile rubber instead of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber production board can be laid in the workbench, the ground and other oil media contact occasions, has a certain degree of sealing and anti-expansibility, can be used for a long time. However, sometimes the use of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber production of the smell will have odor, if it is open-type occasions can also be used, but if in a confined plant, let's not say whether it affects human health, the light is an indelible odor It's annoying enough, what to do? Therefore, how to eliminate the smell of nitrile recycled plastic sheeting has become a problem for every plastic sheeting manufacturer.

First of all, let us analyze why some of the nitrile renewable plastic sheet will smell:

1, Nitrile rubber regeneration problem. The use of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber production board irritating smell, we must first determine the nitrile reclaimed rubber itself odor. Nitrile reclaimed rubber in the production process will be added a variety of curing agents, accelerators, softeners and liquid rubber oil, the smell of these compounds will remain in the NBR regeneration rubber can not be completely eradicated, only in the late The production of anti-odor measures such as adding flavor, add flavor removal agent, but these treatments are time-sensitive, over a certain period of time after the nitrile reclaimed rubber will produce odor again. Therefore, if you want to produce non-irritating odor of nitrile rubber regeneration board, we must first choose tasteless nitrile rubber reclaim.

2, rubber compound problem.

The choice of nitrile renewable adhesive board odorless nitrile reclaimed rubber is to ensure that the basis of odorless plastic sheet, in addition to nitrile rubber regeneration board production in the choice of environmentally friendly or odorless type of rubber compounding agent, Imagine the use of rubber flooring Coal tar or waste oil as a liquid softener, rubber sheet can be tasteless; nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber mixing process and chemical interaction, while the various agents are also interacting, if the compound used between the The chemical reaction produces odor gas, can also lead to finished plastic sheet products smell.

Therefore, you want to eliminate the smell of nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber, from the choice of reclaimed rubber to a variety of complexing agents with the cautious, to prevent the production of irritating odor; if post-treatment to get rid of nitrile Recycled plastic sheet odor, then there will always be "hidden smell" in the product.

Environmentally friendly tasteless butyronitrile reclaimed rubber compared with ordinary butyronitrile reclaimed rubber, raw materials, accessories require more stringent production processes, you can eliminate the root causes of nitrile renewable plastic board odor problem.