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Tire recycling rubber production of rubber products dirty mode solution

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Tire recycling rubber production of rubber products dirty mode solution

The use of tire reclaimed rubber production rubber products is the choice of many rubber manufacturers to reduce costs, tire reclaimed rubber waste tires as raw materials for the production of renewable resources, raw materials from a wide range of products, low prices, by the rubber products business favorite. However, many enterprises using rubber tire reclaimed rubber production due to improper operation or tire reclaimed rubber product selection is wrong, often appear dirty mold phenomenon, which is why? Is the tire reclaimed rubber itself defects?

In fact, there are many reasons leading to the production of rubber molds for reclaimed rubber, which is also related to the quality of reclaimed rubber products.

1, mold design unreasonable, resulting in reclaimed rubber products can not be normal mold;

2, the rubber formula design add too much volatile materials (such as oil, resin, etc.), acid-base corrosion caused by abrasive abrasive, which is the main cause of dirty mold;

3, vulcanization of rubber formulations is not sufficient, in general, vulcanization or scorching are easy to dirty mold;

4, tire reclaimed rubber impurity content too much.

Therefore, the use of recycled rubber tire production of rubber products, we must pay attention to the following points:

1, first of all to ensure that recycled plastic products die design is reasonable, products can be normal die;

2, in the mold surface spray silicone oil or waxing;

3, change the tire reclaimed rubber products formula: less plus oil substances, add some promoters, paraffin or sulfur, significantly improve the problem of dirty mold;

4, Select the regular manufacturers of tire reclaimed rubber products, because they have their own production equipment, production lines, plastic powder is usually self-sufficient, the quality of rubber powder can be long-term use and to ensure the quality of tire reclaimed rubber products.

Latex reclaimed rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber and other types of reclaimed rubber products if there is a dirty mold problem, can be resolved in accordance with the above method.