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Reasons and solutions for the occurrence of scorch between natural rubber and latex reclaimed rubber

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Nowadays, in order to reduce the production cost, many natural rubber products manufacturers will use appropriate amount of latex reclaimed rubber in the formulation, such as sports soles, rubber sheets, hoses, etc., which can reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the processing technology of rubber products; but sometimes in practice There will be burns in the application process. Why? What should I do? Is it really like a lot of people think that latex latex is wrong?

Xiaobian has discussed the scorch problem of rubber products more than once. The reason for causing scorch is nothing more than improper design of rubber products, improper operation of the process, improper storage, such as excessive use of vulcanizing agent, insufficient cooling, etc. Therefore, the problem of scorching when using natural rubber and latex reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products can also be analyzed from these three aspects:

1. Latex reclaimed rubber itself contains a certain amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator. Rubber products manufacturers should take this part into consideration when designing the formula. If the vulcanizing agent accelerator is directly added according to the formula of pure natural rubber products, it will lead to rubber products. The ratio of vulcanization system is unreasonable, the amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator is too much, and latex reclaimed rubber/natural rubber is used to produce coke.

2. Latex reclaimed rubber is the product of reprocessing of waste rubber resources. The internal molecular chain structure has been seriously damaged during the production process, the intermolecular force is small, the plasticity and fluidity are good, so there is no need to re-masticate during use; Natural rubber is unplasticized raw rubber and does not have direct processing properties, so it is necessary to masticize natural rubber in advance. If the plasticization does not meet the rubber product requirements during the natural rubber plasticating, the plasticity of the natural rubber is too low, and the hardness is too high, which causes the temperature of the rubber compound in the rubber mixing machine to rise sharply. The temperature of the rubber mixer, the refining machine and the calender is too high. Insufficient cooling will directly cause the rubber to burn.

3, natural rubber / latex reclaimed rubber mixed rubber discharge after the film is placed in a poorly ventilated, high temperature environment, improper parking, poor heat dissipation, insufficient cooling caused by heat accumulation will also cause scorch; latex regeneration The rubber itself is stored improperly during storage and spontaneous combustion causes the rubber to burn.

Latex reclaimed rubber/natural rubber products will directly affect the appearance of rubber products and various physical and mechanical properties in the process of scorching. It is imperative to take measures to prevent latex regenerating rubber products from burning. 1 Latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber When manufacturing rubber products, it is necessary to rationally design the rubber product formula. It is necessary to consider not only the self-vulcanizing agent and accelerator content of the latex reclaimed rubber, but also the use of a plurality of accelerators to suppress the scorching, and an appropriate scorch retarder may be added; 2 Fully cool the film, strictly control the temperature of the rubber compound and the temperature of the roller during the mixing to ensure the normal operation of the cooling equipment, the operating temperature will not exceed the critical temperature of the scorch; 3 guarantee good storage conditions (suitable temperature, good ventilation), "first in, first out."

Under normal circumstances, unless there is a particularly large leak in the quality of the latex reclaimed rubber, the latex reclaimed rubber/natural rubber will not be caused by the addition of the latex reclaimed rubber. However, this also reminds the majority of rubber products factory: choose reclaimed rubber, we must choose the reclaimed rubber produced by regular manufacturers and with guaranteed quality stability.

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