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Latex Recycled Rubber Production Rubber Foam Ball Formula Design

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Latex Recycled Rubber Production Rubber Foam Ball Formula Design

The colored rubber foam ball produced by using natural rubber has small odor, good elasticity and soft touch, but the price of natural rubber is high and the price fluctuates greatly. Therefore, rubber manufacturers can use latex reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber to produce colorful rubber foam balls. It can not only meet the performance requirements of rubber foam ball, but also reduce the cost while controlling the cost in a stable state, avoiding the pressure caused by the high price of natural rubber to the production cost of rubber foam ball; then using latex reclaimed rubber to produce hair What should you pay attention to when you bubble the ball?

1, latex reclaimed rubber product selection

The rubber foam balls on the market are all glamorous colored spheres. The white latex reclaimed rubber in latex reclaimed rubber products has white color and easy color matching, which can meet the color requirement of rubber foam balls of more colors; rubber foam balls generally It is required to have no irritating odor. It is best to choose environmentally friendly or odorless latex reclaimed rubber products; uniform foaming is an important factor to ensure the quality of rubber foaming balls. Rubber product manufacturers need to use latex reclaimed rubber with high fineness and no impurities; The rubber foam ball requires good elasticity and soft touch. Usually, the latex rubber reclaimed rubber with high rubber content is the basis for ensuring the elasticity and softness of the rubber foam ball. Therefore, when the rubber foam ball manufacturer chooses the latex reclaimed rubber, it must be more Considering one aspect, choose environmentally friendly and odorless white latex reclaimed rubber with high fineness and high gel content.

2, rubber foam ball compounding agent selection

When rubber foam balls are produced from natural rubber, the foaming agent, foaming aid, vulcanization system, filling system and the mixing process, vulcanization process and foaming process in the process of rubber foaming ball are affected. The quality of the finished rubber foam ball, the test results show that the foamed ball produced by baking soda, dinitrosopentamethylenetetramine (DPT) and urea fat is finely and evenly foamed, and the finished product smell is smaller; Agent TT, accelerator CZ, and accelerator M are all products with low critical temperature. When sulfur is used as vulcanizate, the vulcanization rate can be better adjusted, and it is easier to match the foaming speed; the fillers such as clay and light calcium are selected to be fine. The product is better to ensure the uniformity of foaming of the rubber foam ball.

3, latex reclaimed rubber formula adjustment

The properties of latex reclaimed rubber and natural rubber are basically the same, but there are certain differences in cost, vulcanization process, etc. After rubber products enterprises choose latex reclaimed rubber, it is necessary to accurately test the composition and index of latex reclaimed rubber, according to latex. The content of each component in the reclaimed rubber is adjusted to the rubber foam ball formula: increase or decrease the amount of vulcanizing agent, accelerator, reinforcing agent, filler, softening oil and anti-aging agent.

When using latex reclaimed rubber to produce colored foamed rubber balls, an appropriate amount of stearic acid may be added to reduce the decomposition temperature of the organic foaming agent DPT, and a certain amount of stearic acid may further reduce the decomposition temperature of the foaming agent. It can alleviate the problem that the vulcanization rate caused by stearic acid is slow and the rubber ball hole is not uniform; the naphthenic oil and the white ointment which can improve the expansion ratio of the rubber ball and adjust the hardness of the foaming ball can be used as a plasticizer to reduce the rubber compound. Mooney, improve the dispersibility of the compounding agent in the rubber; use an anti-aging agent that does not change color, does not spray, and is easy to disperse.

Latex reclaimed rubber replaces natural rubber to produce colored rubber foam balls. It also needs to pay attention to the mixing process, vulcanization process and foaming process to ensure good elasticity, touch, cell uniformity and color consistency of reclaimed rubber foam balls. Edited with you.