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Low cost formula design of rubber outsole

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Rubber outsole is a commonly used material for sports soles. It has good elasticity and high abrasion resistance. It is mostly produced using natural rubber or synthetic rubber. However, the price of natural rubber and rubber is high, and the wear resistance is poor. The sole use of natural rubber produces rubber soles. The low price-performance ratio, the use of reclaimed rubber in rubber outsole formulations has become the choice of many rubber outsole manufacturers. When reclaimed rubber is used to produce rubber outsole, the choice of reclaimed rubber, the amount of reclaimed rubber, and the combination of various compounding agents are all very important. After many tests by professional engineers, the production formula is determined.

1, reclaimed rubber selection

If rubber products are used in the production of rubber soles in combination with natural rubber, reclaimed rubber and latex reclaimed rubber are good, but the price of latex reclaimed rubber is higher than that of tire reclaimed rubber, among which: tire reclaimed rubber products Tread reclaimed rubber is the product with the highest glue content and the best wear resistance in all parts of tire reclaimed rubber products. It chooses tire tread rubber as raw material, and is produced through multiple special processes, although the elasticity is not as good as that of latex rejuvenation. Glue, but with excellent abrasion resistance and tear resistance, is the best raw material to replace natural rubber, produce rubber outsole, and ensure the wear resistance and service life of rubber soles.

2, with the matching agent

1 Coumarone is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound that is liquid at ambient temperature, has an aromatic taste, and can evaporate with water vapor, and can improve the physical and mechanical properties and anti-aging properties of rubber outsole. The use of an appropriate amount of Margulon in a rubber outsole made mainly of tire reclaimed rubber can improve the fluidity of the rubber and reduce the intermolecular force, thereby replacing the vulcanization efficiency of the rubber outsole, reducing the Mooney viscosity of the reclaimed rubber, and increasing the rubber content. Plasticity, tensile strength and elongation at break.

2 Lithopone is a kind of white crystalline powder with strong hiding power. It is insoluble in water and has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance. Lithopone powder has strong adaptability in rubber vulcanization. Adding Lithopone powder to the production of rubber soles can not only increase the whitening effect, but also improve the rubber outsole processing technology to a certain extent, and increase the strength of rubber outsole. The price of lithopone is lower than that of titanium dioxide. Substitution of titanium dioxide for coloration of rubber outsole can also reduce the cost of auxiliaries.

3 Clay is one of the most commonly used fillers in addition to calcium carbonate and carbon black in the processing of rubber products. The price of clay is low. Adding a small amount of clay to the rubber outsole can improve the processing and reinforcing properties of the reclaimed rubber outsole, improve the whiteness, stiffness, viscosity, and adsorption of the rubber outsole, and improve the use of the rubber outsole. Performance and service life.

4 In addition, a certain proportion of natural rubber can also be blended in rubber outsole made of reclaimed rubber as the main raw material to improve the rubber content, elasticity and comfort of the entire rubber outsole; Accelerator CZ and Accelerator DM , DPG and use; add a small amount of antioxidant RD, effectively improve the aging of rubber outsole oxygen resistance. Xiao Bian reminds you: When using reclaimed rubber to produce rubber outsole, the quality of the rubber outsole made by curing at low temperature for a long time is more stable, and finally Xiaobian shares a rubber outsole formula with everyone.

Tread reclaimed rubber, 160 parts; Natural rubber, 40 parts; Zinc oxide, 6 parts; St, 2 parts; Lide powder, 20 parts; Clay, 12 parts; Coumarone, 2 parts; Sulfur, 2.5 parts; Agent M, 0.5 parts; accelerator CZ, 0.2 parts; accelerator DPG, 0.8 parts; antioxidant D, 2 parts; The formula is only for reference. The rubber product manufacturers can adjust the proportion of the reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber according to the specific requirements of the rubber outsole, and adjust the dosage of various compounding agents in the formula. Xiaobian looks forward to discussing more with you. High-quality rubber outsole production formula.