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The ideal material for the production of sports soles white latex reclaimed rubber

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The ideal material for the production of sports soles white latex reclaimed rubber

Comfortable sneakers, loved by all ages, especially the elderly and children. Under normal circumstances, the sports soles are made of natural rubber, excellent flexibility, but the high price of natural rubber, but also vulnerable to climate, disasters, the price volatility, so more and more rubber products manufacturers began The use of latex reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber production sports soles, including white latex reclaimed rubber by the majority of sports shoe manufacturers welcome.

Latex reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products. The white latex reclaimed rubber is processed using light colored natural rubber, natural rubber products such as light latex gloves and latex condoms, It retains the natural rubber excellent flexibility and high elongation at break, to ensure that sports soles and natural rubber with the same comfort and softness.

Sports shoes on the market are mostly colorful, so as to meet different people's pursuit of beauty; Latex reclaimed rubber in the white latex reclaimed rubber color is light, when used in the production of color sports soles when the color is easy, will not give rubber products to bring color burden.

White latex reclaimed rubber price is about 1/3 of the natural rubber price, replaceable to natural rubber to produce a variety of sports soles can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, to ensure the quality of the sole under the premise of the cost will be minimized.

White latex reclaimed rubber as a substitute for natural rubber, not only for the production of sports soles, but also can produce a variety of colored rubber products, reduce raw material costs. However, the use of latex reclaimed rubber production sports soles, there are many areas need attention, such as the production of light sports soles need to use white, light-colored reinforcing agents such as silica; white latex reclaimed rubber to replace the production of natural rubber Sole as it contains a certain amount of chemical additives, so you need to adjust the amount of various curing agents, accelerators; you want to improve the plastic content of latex reclaimed rubber sports soles, but also to meet the cost needs of the premise with a small amount of natural rubber.