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High-efficiency latex reclaimed rubber products formula

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High-efficiency latex reclaimed rubber products formula

When latex rubber is used to produce rubber products, excessive vulcanization speed will lead to the occurrence of scorch phenomenon, which will affect the appearance and performance of recycled rubber products. However, slow vulcanization speed will not only affect the production efficiency, but also cause other problems. Therefore, reasonably improving the vulcanization speed of latex reclaimed rubber products is of great significance for the production efficiency and performance of reclaimed rubber products. Xiao Bian today shared with you a highly efficient latex reclaimed rubber formula.

Standard glue, 10 parts; latex reclaimed rubber, 100 parts; calcium carbonate, 20 parts; pine tar, 8 parts; Agent DM, 1 part; accelerator M, 0.5 part; accelerator TT, 0.15 parts; antioxidant RD, 1 part; sulfur, 2 parts;

When using this formula to produce latex reclaimed rubber products, the curing temperature is 130°C; the curing time is 3-4 minutes.

When reclaimed rubber is used to produce rubber products, the vulcanization process can be divided in high-temperature, short-time vulcanization and long-time vulcanization at low temperature. Among them, high-temperature vulcanized reclaimed rubber products have high vulcanization efficiency, but they are prone to be unfamiliar in cooked or insufficiently vulcanized in the production process. The problem, therefore, rubber manufacturers can not blindly warm up in order to improve the vulcanization efficiency; relatively speaking, the long-time curing of low-temperature vulcanized regenerated rubber products more fully sulfurized evenly, especially to produce some thicker reclaimed rubber products It is best to choose long-term cure at low temperature.

The largest use of latex reclaimed rubber is to replace natural rubber to produce rubber products and reduce the cost of raw materials; it is the closest reclaimed rubber product with natural rubber properties, has good compatibility with natural rubber, and uses a small amount of latex in reclaimed rubber formulation Natural rubber can improve the performance of reclaimed rubber products and extend the service life. The combination of accelerators CZ, DM, M, and TT in the formulation can not only reasonably increase the vulcanization speed of regenerated rubber products, but also control the vulcanization rate within a reasonable range. Improve production efficiency.

The use of latex reclaimed rubber can produce a variety of rubber products, of which white latex reclaimed rubber is the first choice for the production of light colored, colored rubber products instead of natural rubber. Xiao Bian also wanted to “swear” in this sentence: When latex rubber is used to produce rubber products, whether it chooses to increase the temperature or increase the accelerator to increase the production efficiency, this degree must be appropriate, and it must be found between the vulcanization efficiency and product quality. Make a balance.