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Latex reclaimed rubber mouse pad formula

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Latex reclaimed rubber mouse pad formula

Today, computers have become "necessities" in every family, and as a standard gadget for computers, the pattern of mouse pads has become more and more. The mouse pad on the market is produced by natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and partly by using latex reclaimed rubber. However, many people think that those mouse pads with short service life and large smell are reclaimed rubber. Is this really the case? The mouse pad produced using latex reclaimed rubber is really not a "tabletop."

In fact, this can be said to be somewhat partial, some environmentally friendly latex reclaimed rubber can also produce a high-quality mouse pad, Xiao Bian today to share platform with you to use a small piece of latex reclaimed rubber mouse pad production formula.

Latex reclaimed rubber, 100 parts; stearic acid, 3 parts; accelerator, 2 parts; antioxidant, 2 parts; zinc oxide, 8 parts; carbon black, 8 parts; sulfur, 4 parts.

When using this formula to produce a mouse pad, the vulcanization temperature can be controlled at 130e, the vulcanization pressure at 6 MPa, and the vulcanization time at 25 min.

If you are a mouse pad manufacturer, try this recipe. Reclaimed rubber is not a mouse pad. It is only required that the reclaimed rubber used for the production of the mouse pad has stricter requirements. For example, the raw material must contain high amounts of rubber, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, and environmental protection, and tasteless, etc.; the high-quality latex reclaimed adhesive can be used directly. Or partial replacement of natural rubber production mouse pad, and then add the right amount of carbon black and other fillers, can fully meet the performance requirements of the mouse pad. When using latex reclaimed rubber to produce rubber mouse pads, it is necessary to select a suitable amount of latex reclaimed rubber according to the specific product requirements, and the optimum blending amount of latex reclaimed rubber is measured through multiple tests.

The rubber part of the mouse pad on the market is mostly black, and the price of the black latex reclaimed rubber product of the same index is lower than that of the white latex reclaimed rubber. Therefore, a latex reclaimed rubber used for producing a mouse pad can use a more cost-effective black latex reclaimed rubber. Reduce more production costs; if you use latex reclaimed adhesive to produce a personalized light-colored mouse pad, consider white latex reclaimed adhesive.

Mouse pad is one of the most common rubber products in life and it is closely related to our health. Inferior mouse pad will bring irreversible damage to human health. Therefore, rubber product manufacturers must pay special attention to latex reclaimed rubber when selecting products. The quality of the problem will put human health first, make a conscience product, and choose safe, high-quality latex reclaimed rubber products.