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Method for adjusting the hardness of isoprene compound

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Method for adjusting the hardness of isoprene compound

Isoprene rubber is a kind of rubber which is synthesized from isoprene and has properties close to natural rubber. It is better than water and electrical insulation than natural rubber. It is an unvulcanized rubber produced in the production process of isoprene rubber products. The isoprene reclaimed rubber processed from the lost value of the isoprene cap stopper retains the basic characteristics of the isoprene rubber; both can replace the natural rubber to produce rubber products, but the basic hardness and natural rubber have Differences, when replacing natural rubber, it is necessary to take certain measures to adjust the hardness of the rubber.

Isoprene rubber and isoprene reclaimed rubber hardness is relatively low, for example, the hardness of isoprene reclaimed rubber on the market is generally around 30 degrees (Shore hardness), the basic hardness can not meet the demand of rubber products, naturally need to pass A suitable method to increase the hardness of the rubber compound. Specifically, you can refer to the following methods:

1. Use high wear resistant carbon black

High wear-resistant carbon black is the most common type of hard carbon black, which can give good mechanical strength to rubber products. It is based on high wear-resistant carbon black in the basic formula of isoprene rubber, which can not only improve The hardness of the rubber compound can also significantly improve the tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance of the iso-IR rubber product, and if necessary, super-abrasive carbon black or medium-abrasive carbon black can be used. Light-colored isoprene rubber products should avoid the use of carbon black as much as possible, and can choose white carbon black, which can further improve the fatigue aging resistance of rubber products.

2. Use a suitable softener

Softener is another main compounding agent that affects the hardness of rubber products, which can offset the reinforcing effect of reinforcing agent in rubber compound. In actual production, when isoprene rubber and isoprene reclaimed rubber are used to produce rubber products, the aromatic hydrocarbon oil containing cycloalkane is used in an amount of 5-15 parts to avoid the softener to be isoprene vulcanized rubber. Stretch strength causes serious negative effects. In the production of isoprene rubber products with high hardness requirements, rubber products manufacturers may choose unsaturated acrylate oligomers to reduce the viscosity of the rubber compound as a temporary plasticizer; this plasticizer can form space after vulcanization of the rubber compound. Network, to achieve the purpose of improving the hardness of isoprene rubber products.

When the rubber product is produced by using isoprene rubber or isoprene reclaimed rubber, the amount of sulfur in the vulcanization system can be appropriately increased, and the hardness of the IR rubber product can be improved by using a hardening resin, high styrene, benzoic acid or the like. Isoprene rubber and isoprene reclaimed rubber can not only replace natural rubber to produce all kinds of rubber products, improve the comprehensive index of products, but also can be used alone or in combination with other rubbers; reasonable adjustment of isoprene rubber / reclaimed rubber hardness can be Further expand the use of rubber.