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Isoprene rubber reclaimed rubber production advantages

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Isoprene rubber reclaimed rubber production advantages

Rubber toys on the market bright colors, soft texture, by the unanimous love of parents and children. Most of the rubber toys are made of natural rubber and silicone rubber, as the main force in the production of rubber toys, the rubber toys produced are soft, environmentally friendly and tasteless, but the prices of both are relatively high, so the price of such rubber toys Positioning high, lost some consumer market. Therefore, many rubber products manufacturers began to use rubber reclaimed rubber production, latex reclaimed rubber is the ideal raw material to replace rubber production of natural rubber, in addition isoprene reclaimed rubber can also produce rubber toys, but also in terms of performance and cost advantages .

When using isoprene reclaimed rubber to produce rubber toys, the choice of PP reclaimed rubber is very important. Studies have shown that polyvinyl chloride contained in inferior rubber toys leaks phthalates and lead, Hormonal disorders, the latter damaging the nervous system. Shows that if the improper selection of isoprene reclaimed rubber, inferior rubber toy safety hidden dangers, not only will cause environmental pollution, but also endanger the health of children. Therefore, the production of rubber toys, all of the reclaimed rubber must choose environmentally friendly and tasteless products, and asked the reclaimed rubber factory to provide the appropriate test report.

Isoprene reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber Production of rubber toys than latex reclaimed rubber replaceable natural rubber production of rubber toys have more advantages: First, high content of plastic isoprene reclaimed rubber with the same amount of latex reclaimed rubber compared to the price Lower, but also reduce the production cost of rubber toys.

Second, latex reclaimed rubber retains the basic properties of natural rubber, but isoprene reclaimed rubber is mostly used isoprene bottle stopper (the main raw material is isoprene rubber and natural rubber) production, not only with natural The same good plastic elasticity, but also have the corresponding characteristics of synthetic plastic, strong adhesive, airtight, anti-aging, high and low temperature, the production of more types of rubber toys, better overall performance, longer service life.

Again, isoprene recycled plastic mostly light gray, white gray, used in the production of light-colored, colored rubber toys when the color is easy, not easy to change color; but it also has some restrictions, light gray PP reclaimed rubber production color rubber toys When the color is not particularly bright, generally used for the production of dark colored rubber products.

The production of rubber toys, may wish to consider isoprene reclaimed rubber, can directly replace natural rubber production of various rubber toys to ensure a good life, and significantly reduce the cost of raw materials!