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Ways to improve the overall performance of natural rubber / reclaimed rubber foam products

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Ways to improve the overall performance of natural rubber / reclaimed rubber foam products

Adding the specified foaming agent to the natural rubber/recycled rubber compound, the foamed rubber processed by the combination of other compounding agents has low density, light texture, good elasticity, high softness, flex resistance and impact resistance. It is not easy to transfer heat, and can play the role of sealing, silencer, shock absorption, heat preservation, etc. It is widely used in rubber products industry. In actual production, natural rubber/recycled rubber foamed products are prone to deformation and collapse during the production process. How to solve 1JLYY829?

1. Natural rubber / recycled rubber foam products selection

When natural rubber and reclaimed rubber are used together to produce sponge foamed rubber products, various indexes and addition ratios of natural rubber/recycled rubber directly affect the comprehensive performance of the foamed products. In order to ensure uniform foaming of natural rubber/recycled rubber products, it is necessary to select products with high fineness and no impurities, and to avoid the problem of collapse of recycled rubber due to insufficient foaming.

2. Control the amount of rubber in natural rubber / reclaimed rubber foam products

Under normal circumstances, reasonable control of the rubber content of foamed rubber products can maximize the uniform foaming of the products, and the comprehensive index of the produced foamed products is better. Therefore, when natural rubber/recycled rubber is used to produce sponge foaming products, rubber product manufacturers must combine the specific requirements of sponge foaming products and the effective rubber hydrocarbon content in recycled rubber to determine the blending ratio of natural rubber and reclaimed rubber, and rationally control natural rubber/ Recycled rubber foamed products contain a gel amount.

3. Use of fiber materials in natural rubber / reclaimed rubber foam products

Nylon staple fiber is a skeleton material often used in the production of rubber products. It can improve the mechanical strength and wear resistance of rubber products in actual production. Nylon fiber is a typical high modulus fiber material, which can limit the deformation of rubber in rubber products. Therefore, when using natural rubber/recycled rubber and rubber to produce sponge foam rubber products, it is easy to improve the foamed products with a small amount of short fibers. The problem of denaturation, easy collapse, and easy fracture; the more the short fiber is used, the stronger the deformation resistance of the sponge foam rubber.

When natural rubber is blended with recycled rubber to produce cost-effective sponge foamed rubber products, the type and amount of compounding agent in the vulcanization system, reinforcing system, anti-aging system and softening system can also improve the comprehensive performance of the foamed rubber products.

In the production process of natural rubber/recycled rubber styrofoam, rubber products manufacturers must select the appropriate index of reclaimed rubber according to actual needs, reasonably control the application ratio of reclaimed rubber and natural rubber, and if necessary, add appropriate amount of nylon staple fiber to further improve natural A comprehensive indicator of rubber/recycled rubber foamed rubber products.